USDQ/KRWQ and Q DAO Challenge Status Quo in Stablecoins Trade USDQ and on BTCNEXT with Look for New Coins KRWQ, CNYQ and JPYQ in Coming Months. How Does the System Ensure the Peg

Right now, PLATINUM Q DAO ENGINEERING, a major blockchain development outlet, is helping to develop a new stablecoins, called USDQ/KRWQ. It’s an ERC20 token with a soft peg to 1 USD. It’s easy to use this token as any other ERC20 asset out there. Right now it trades on BTCNEXT with plans to make it available on other crypto exchanges as well. The difference is that USDQ/KRWQ feature a stable price, which means that it’s worth $1 for USDQ today, will be worth the same tomorrow and in a month. In contrast to centralized offerings on the market, like Tether, it’s completely decentralized with all of its components living on the blockchain.

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