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My name is Dmitrii Skripkin, I am the head of a traffic department at Platinum. Our team comprises of over 100 specialists with wide-ranging experience in crypto and financial markets. We have consulted more than 700 projects so far and have helped raise in excess of $200 million. Platinum is already a global leader in promoting ICO and STO. Do you want to know how to launch ICO/STO? Jump to our site and see:

We also help people to understand the world of crypto-economics better by developing the first practical blockchain courses online! Today I want to share with you the unique knowledge on the practical value of ICO rating websites:

Key Channels for Communication


This San Francisco startup has proven itself in the market and grown to be a crucial forum for many ICOs and the blockchain industry overall. Medium is a web-only publication that lets virtually anyone publish anything online, somewhat like conventional blogging.

Rather than trying to develop a new community of interested public, solely with your own website, Medium enables you to post your info and develop your project narrative into a community of active users. It allows you to start posting about your company in the same space as other related blogs, etc. This free platform gives you an invaluable way to promote your ICO and it also helps legitimize your business venture in the eyes of investors.

Over the years, Medium has been the platform most responsible for providing illuminating articles about every successful ICO.

As a result, it is now considered essential to an ICO, same as a Telegram channel. Many cryptocurrency investors rely on Medium because it has established a long track record of providing the most relevant and reliable industry news. ICOs can use Medium to promote their project with the assurance that they are not just marketing into thin air.

Other popular channels of communication include Slack, G-suite, Discord, and Hubspot.

Key Figures in the ICO Marketing Space

In every channel of communication, there are certain people who have greater influence than others. They are specialists in delivering quality content in their chosen niches; thereby becoming an influential and iconic individual in a very fast and noisy industry.

These individuals are commonly known as Influencers in the crypto space.

But there are actually not so many popular individual marketers in the cryptocurrency space. Consistently successful campaigns are typically managed by agencies with a collection of highly talented individuals working as a team.

Blockchain App Factory

The primary focus of this agency is on blockchain development. They provide their clients with custom blockchain based solutions catering to applications in various industries. Some of these include strategically designed ICOs, smart contracts, smart wallets and Hyperledgers.

They became rather popular after helping propel the ICO of Dashcoin, which has become one of the top cryptocurrencies. While they are not a marketing agency themselves, the quality of their past work and their selectivity in choosing clients ensures that investors will closely follow who the firm is working with.

Investors in the blockchain industry are well aware that a project is only likely to be successful if there is a strong team behind the project.

Ian Balina

This ex-IBM analyst has become a major force in the cryptocurrency space. If Ian approves of a token, one can rest assured he will share it with millions of people who follow him on social media. He is a very popular Influencer.

His followers make trades based on his judgement. He operates a YouTube channel where he hosts videos discussing why an ICO seems promising or poor. He is also available on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Crypto Lark

The man behind Crypto Lark is an entertaining cryptocurrency enthusiast. He uses comedic videos to explain complex cryptocurrency terms as well as review ICOs and cryptocurrencies. He is famous on popular social media channels, especially YouTube. He is a primary example of another Influencer who operates on a range of platforms providing his analysis on upcoming ICOs.

However, it’s only the beginning of the course!

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Patrick Wieland

Patrick Wieland is a financial analyst. A lot of people follow him on social media and trust his analysis, especially on less popular ICOs, which he refers to as “diamonds in the rough”. He uses his background in traditional stock market investing and technical analysis to investigate and evaluate ICO investments.


This is a UK based outfit that specializes in marketing and providing ICO insights. They have a large following of crypto enthusiasts.

The truth is, there are quite a lot of actors and organizations out there that have mastered the art of marketing and growing an audience for new projects. There is no reason for you to excessively streamline your marketing strategy. You should not underestimate the significance of the marketing campaign on your project.

The best marketing campaigns are usually integrated solutions that employ the services of specialist companies, websites, and blogs, as well as individual influencers who make sure to spread the word in every way possible.2.

Notable ICO Campaign Examples


There have been tremendous success stories and shocking failures as well, in the parade of ICOs seen so far. Good plans and sound strategy are at the bottom of every success story. By now, you understand the basics of an effective ICO strategy. Multiple avenues of communication, a powerful and convincing narrative, an active community, positive interaction with investors, as well using individual influencers, are all factors that coalesce into a success story for you and your project.


We will examine a selection of ICOs to see how they executed their marketing strategies.

Successful Marketing Campaigns

What makes for a successful ICO campaign?

Some analysts argue that it may just be the amount raised by the project, but other people say it is the utility of the coin.

Both are technically correct, but these two benchmarks should not be the only factors you consider. It is of paramount importance that your ICO project sets goals, and that you go on to achieve them. Only then can you say an ICO project is successful or not. This may seem obvious, but without establishing goals and benchmarks no one on the team will be able to honestly assess whether a strategy was successful or not.

Falling a little short of a goal does not mean total failure, but it does give you something to examine and try to learn from. First, we will study the why and how of some successful ICO projects.


Ethereum had a successful ICO that serves as a model for many other projects. Ethereum has gone on to establish itself as the second most important cryptocurrency in the world.

Many analysts attribute the success of the Ethereum ICO to the brilliance of its founder, Vitalik Buterin.

But there is more to the story than just the brilliance of the founder. The technology Ethereum brought to the market was desperately needed at the time of the ICO.

A lot of crypto miners had been complaining about the bitcoin hashing rate (the time it takes a transaction to complete within a block and the amount of power this process consumes).

Vitalik produced a great product, not necessarily to replace bitcoin, but certainly to compete with it. Ethereum is a ledger technology that can be used to build decentralized apps using smart contracts.

As you would expect, the marketing of this project was based on three strong pillars. The Ethereum ICO succeeded not just because it had workable tech, and not simply due to the influence of the founder,

but also because the marketing was simple and on target.

Before the Ethereum launch, the project used pre-ICO marketing campaigns and mentions on notable blogs. This is an exact mirror of the marketing strategies employed by traditional companies like Nike or Coca Cola. This provoked a positive and enthusiastic response because the idea of a blockchain with more capabilities than that of bitcoin was a very good idea!

The ICO would go on to generate over $45million, peaking at an all-time ROI of 152,500%! For the investors who bought early, it took less than a year to receive over 5000% in returns on their initial investment.


NEO, also known as Antshares, was developed by Dan Hongfei. This is a Chinese open source blockchain that crypto enthusiasts cannot seem to get enough of. NEO is sometimes regarded as the Ethereum of China. Let’s take a look why this project was a successful ICO with outstanding marketing plans.

First, the project had some major sponsors. They had the support of the Chinese government and Microsoft. This alone was enough to send the crypto community into a frenzy. Everyone wanted to be a part of something this big. When investors see who developed a product, or who is backing it, that can be a real boost to their enthusiasm and confidence for the project.

Maybe the prime example of our age is Apple Computers and their extremely loyal fan base. So many people like and trust Apple, they are comfortable and secure with the Apple brand. NEO appealed to the same kind of fan loyalty to generate massive publicity for their project.

Just like other ICOs with a concrete plan in action, NEO had a roadmap for its own plans as well. There were announcements on major blogs like Medium, and a host of others. They used paid advertising on Google AdWords, YouTube, Facebook and alternate cryptocurrency blogs.

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