Security token offerings is a trend in 2019

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Ever since crypto currencies have emerged, new methods of investment and funding have emerged with them. With the crowd funding style of Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs offering little security, the STOs or Security token Offerings have emerged. These tokens offer real value of an asset and act like a share in the company. They are heavily regulated and need to pass the Howey Test (Platinum).

What are tokens?

A token is something you receive in exchange for money. A security token is just that, you pay money over, or invest, and you receive security tokens in exchange. A security token is a representation of a share in the company. It is expected to increase in value, will pay interest and dividends and in some cases give you a vote on company matters. Tokenised securities can be compared to shares on the traditional stock exchange.

Tokens can be sold to investors worldwide, not just on a local traditional stock exchange so you have a larger investment base to choose from. At Platinum there is a most comprehensive list of companies offering security tokens.

Security token listings such as that found at platinum. Fund show you just how widespread the opportunities for buying into companies across the globe is.

Why STOs are better than ICOs

If you were to invest in the Initial Coin offerings, ICOs, of a company there is not a lot of security. If the company fails to get off the ground there is no guarantee you will ever see any of your money again. The main advantages of token security are reliability and safety. All STOs have to comply with a set of rules and regulations, less open to fraud and a low chance of losing your money. Like all investments the return may not be as large as you might hope. But the expectation in buying security tokens is that they will increase in value.

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Inna Halahuz, a project manager at Platinum, on Security token offerings as a trend in 2019

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