Why Do Meetups Matter and How to Take Active Part

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Companies are always looking for convenient ways to share information with their community. Chats and groups are an effective option, but it most often works in one direction. In addition, it’s important for community members to contact a living person, not an avatar or support manager. What would be the best solution?

We believe that the best solution is the meetups with the community. Meetups are a convenient way to share updates, get feedback from people, and most importantly – get closer to the community. When people see a company representative live and can ask him questions or just talk about something important, the level of trust increases. Community members make contact and voice their thoughts with greater desire.

This applies not only to meetups with company representatives but also within the community. People share ideas, educate each other and form public opinion, which can affect the vector of development of the company.

The importance of the meetups

For the company

Meetups are an effective means of distributing updates. As a rule, the event is attended by the most active members of the community who are willing to share information with others. These people are the first to receive information on new products and plans for the company. They are the vanguard of the entire community and can provide instant feedback.

For the community

This is a way to look behind the screen and see for yourself how things are in the company. People can ask questions that bother them and get face-to-face answers. They can also increase the level of trust in the company by talking with its representatives.

How it works

In most cases, the companies organize meetups by themselves. For this purpose, they rent a conference room, send out invitations and decide other organizational issues. Visitors only need to reserve their place, come to a meeting and take an active part.

There are other meetups, organized by the community for the community. They are not so massive, but no less important. Communication within the community, solving local problems is an integral part of the development of the company. Therefore, such initiatives are usually encouraged and companies help organize meetings.

Meetups of Platinum Q DAO Engineering

We at Platinum Q DAO Engineering understand how important it’s to keep in touch with the community. Therefore, we hold meetups in Japan every month. The work doesn’t stand still and we have something new to share every time. Our meetups are divided into two types: official and unofficial. And here’s what’s different between them.


  • Organized by Platinum Q DAO Engineering or Noah Foundation.
  • We’re sharing all the latest updates.
  • Special offers and bonuses for participants.
  • Services onboarding (Citizenship, Payment cards, etc).
  • Free entry.


  • Organized by local communities.
  • Total support from Platinum Q DAO Team.
  • Education and adoption of Noah Ecosystem.
  • Friendly and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Free entry.
  • Financial incentives for organizing and new members of the community.

Both options are important for us because they are part of one whole — the development of the Noah Project. Now we are in the midst of meetups with holders in Japan. You can still have time to take part in them. To do this, book a place in your city using Google form or via Noah wallet:

We publish all updates on meetups in our official channels in Telegram and LINE. All you need to do is to sign up and come at the right time to the right place. If you don’t have time to get to join us in February, don’t worry, our next visit to Japan is scheduled for March. We will give exact dates in the near future. Stay tuned!

Tips for introverts

If you belong to that part of the community that doesn’t like noisy meetings, and if you attend them, you’re too shy to ask questions, we have a way out. These tips will also help everyone who cannot attend meetups, but is very interested in them:

  1. Start watching videos. Our company regularly conducts live streams and provides users with records. Here’s the fresh one on our YouTube channel.
  2. Try to start from small meetups. Our community is preparing one such in Kyoto, learn more in Telegram and LINE channels. You can participate in our future educational mini-meetups in different cities by following this link. There is no need for you to be active there, just come and feel the atmosphere.
  3. If you are too shy to ask something, write it down and ask a question online.
  4. Be active in chats. The Noah Project has an open community, you will find new acquaintances fast. If you decide to come to a meetup, you will already have familiar people there.

As you can see, meetups are a normal need for every developing community. Companies and people share their updates and thoughts. This gives an impetus to the development of projects and sends it in the right direction. Participate and organize your own meetups, because it matters!

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