What is security token offering

Hello! My name is Kristina Semenova, I am the Head of Investors Relation Department at Platinum, the world’s number one business facilitator. Our team knows how to start ICO/STO in 2019! Why are we so sure? Well, our experience speaks for itself!

A security token offering is an investment opportunity much like buying shares in a company. They offer you interest, a dividend share and a vote in the company. Like an initial coin offering but offering you much more scope within the investment in a company. Platinum.fund offers you many opportunities to start a project and offers investments in both ICO and STO.

What is STO

An STO or Security Token Offering is a method of investment. Like buying shares in a company you get interest paid on the tokens purchased and the chance to reinvest in more security tokens. Being the largest listing service worldwide, Platinum is the place to start for all your cryptocurrency investment opportunities.

Unlike traditional investments in companies, investing in STO completely eliminates the middleman and all the fees associated with a share portfolio. You can create security tokens or invest in tokens through Platinum.  Whether you are looking for funding for a new project or looking for an investment opportunity it can all be found here.

Security token offering vs. initial coin offering

The Initial Coin Offering is a crowd funding method that raises funds for a new project that uses cryptocurrency that is not connected to any bank or financial institution. This is not regulated and offers little security of your investment. Security token offerings on the other hand are regulated and offer you a more secure place for your investment. If you are interested in investing with STO, Platinum offer you the choice of many projects to choose from.

What does Platinum offer

Platinum offer you a range of investment opportunities with STO and also a launch platform for ICO. A team of specialists can help you invest in STO and sort through the legal jargon and set you on the road to creating an ICO and token offerings. You have access to marketing consultants who can get your investment strategy underway.

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