What is QDAO DeFi?

QDAO DeFi is one of the “Decentralized Finance” services that has been gaining big popularity since 2017.

DeFi is an open financial ecosystem where you can build various small financial tools and services in a decentralized manner.

You can deposit your crypto assets and get interest daily. This service provides secured loans to marginal traders.

The Core feature of QDAO DeFi is blockchain custody. It’s an offline cold storage service. 

We have major plans to become a Switzerland-based company and be regulatory approved.

In the long-term perspective, QDAO Defi aims to be a  licensed ‘neo-bank’ and to provide USD / USDT loans using Bitcoin as collateral. This activity could also be called an ‘online pawnshop’ which uses Bitcoin as collateral to provide loans in DOLLARS / EURO and can be considered a highly profitable model.

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