What is a security token

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Security token offerings and Initial coin offerings are a new way to fund business development. Much like crowd funding has worked in the past, the ICO is the crowd funding part, getting money to organise and develop a new cryptocurrency. Securities tokens are then offered in the same way as a company would go on the share market offering shares. Platinum Fund are able to help with looking to invest or if you want to start developing your own cryptocurrency.

What is a security token?

A security token is an offering by a company much like a share offering. The security offering is to help build and fund the cryptocurrency blockchain. An initial coin offering or ICO will have funded the blockchain development and now the company is offering a share. A security token is an investment in cryptocurrency. You are investing and in return are getting an asset.

How security tokens work

You purchase security tokens from the company offering and they are governed by a set of rules and regulations. They have to pay you interest, provide you with a dividend and you must be able to reinvest in more tokens. A token must pass the Howey Test (Platinum) to even be considered a security token.

The tokens are an investment and follow well established rules and regulations just like the share market does. The company needs to register intention to offer security tokens with relevant agencies. There is an expectation of a profit and that your revenue share or the value of the tokens will increase over time.

Security token cryptocurrency can be found at platinum fund. The list here is the most extensive worldwide and offers a great choice of security token offerings to choose from. These are an alternative to venture capital funding and private equity, but needs to be right for you. As a relatively new asset for investment, any new rules and regulations could change how the market continues to function.

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