200,000 views on our YouTube channel and counting!

Platinum Software Development Company has dozens of ongoing tasks. The team is updating and expanding our services, launching new features, and reaching new markets.

Yet, the most prized asset for us is our community. Keeping in touch is very important – this way everyone understands how to unlock the full potential of our products and the feedback is invaluable to us.

So Platinum’s YouTube channel is a great joy for everyone in the company! Our community on the platform is growing fast – we’ve already reached the 200,000 views mark and have 5,000 very active subscribers. It might seem a small deal compared to the vlog giants, but these are strong numbers for any tech company.

The videos have over 10,000 Likes and were watched for over 25,000 hours. The channel also saw 200 downloads, mainly of the educational videos, each of which has been downloaded about 6 times. And our viewers left more than 12,500 comments – thank you for sharing, the team always wants to hear your opinions! 

If you are not yet a viewer of our channel – be sure to check it out. There are streams with big guests and market tips; discussions on Noah’s features and platform news; interviews with team members and advisors; tutorials… and much more.

Our content-creators also make motivational and topical videos based on ideas submitted by our community. If you have any thoughts that you want to share – let us know!

Thank you to all the members of our community. We deeply appreciate your support. Let’s build our fortunes together!
Learn more about the expertise of the Platinum Software Development company at https://platinum.fund and join us on Twitter, Facebook, Medium, and Telegram.

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