Top 10: Best Security Tokens 2019

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Security token offerings have the potential to be the Crypto Megatrend of 2019. For a token transaction to get classified as security, it must meet all the requirements of the Howey Test. There must be an investment of money, an expectation of profits, and the investment be made in a common enterprise.  The last requirement is that any profit from this investment should come from the efforts of a third-party/ promoter.

The idea of financial securities has been in existence since the 13th Century. Put simply; securities represent monetary value to their holder, either defined by ownership (stocks) or a creditor relationship (bonds). They provide a range of financial rights that the owner can enjoy including equity, dividends and interest and profit share rights to name but a few.

It’s 2019, and security tokens are in fashion, and Platinum team can prove it. Backed with the rise of investor numbers in security token offerings(STOs) in the past year, the future looks promising for this particular area of cryptocurrency trading. Security tokens in crypto are different from the traditional securities that we know of in that they are organized and managed through smart contracts. As you might guess, yes, they are automated and entirely based on blockchain infrastructure.

Foresight: The Best Security Tokens 2019

Best Security Tokens 2019 #1:  Property Coin

Platinum experts put Property Coin features at the top of our list today because of its unique origins. The platform prides itself in being the first STO by a real-estate technology and investment firm, Aperture. According to the company’s mission statement, Property Coin aims to “revolutionize the way real estate gets transacted.”

The two primary businesses that the California-based company addresses through its security tokens known as PCX are:

  • Trading of Residential properties(“Flips”)
  • Providing loans to property investors (“investor loans”)
If $100 is initially invested for 10% equity, at the end of the year 1, $110 will be invested in assets and of year 2, the figure will rise to $121

Fig 1.0 Potential Net Returns for PCX Holders

Best Security Tokens #2: 22X Fund

Speaking of unique origins, 22X Fund comes next as the next STO to look out for in 2019. The idea behind the 22X Fund was to create a blockchain platform to raise funding for startups in San Francisco. The Founders met during the Global 500 Startups Global Accelerator Program of 2017.

‘Batch 22’ held their first token pre-sales held in January 2018 and raised over $22MM from top VCs and angel investors at the time.

The 30-company battalion offers a 2.5% to 10% equity for profits generated or another option to participate in a token repurchase program exclusive to the token holders.

Best Security Tokens #3:  Polymath

Polymath’s security token commonly known as POLY operates on the ST20 cryptocurrency standard. The Standard has its regulatory requirements embedded into the tokens so that only verified participants can access them. With an investment target of $210 million, Polymath’s STO is already raking millions in trading.

Here are some of the reasons why Platinum thinks that Polymath is one of the best STO platforms to watch in 2019:

  • It allows legal delegates to bid on new issuances to ensure offerings get done in a regulatory compliant manner.
  • Allows issuance of new security tokens by matching issuer with developers, who can translate their Security Offering into secure code that generated ERC20 compatible tokens.
  • It provides a decentralized protocol for trading securities tokens.

Best Security Tokens #4:  Tokeny

Based in Luxembourg, the fintech company has made a reputation for itself in delivering secure and institutional grade security tokens, known as T-Rex.  The company also efficiently handles other technicalities of trading which may come up such as smart contracts and regulatory compliance.

Global interactions in the greater ecosystem

Fig 2.0 T-Rex Components

Best Security Tokens #6:  Harbor

Harbor’s blockchain technology allows for liquidity in private investments like real estate where complex regulatory requirements restrain secondary markets. Harbor does this by automatically enforcing transfers between buyers and sellers around the world as long as they are compliant. Harbor’s blockchain allows for more liquidity in private investment firms with minimal counterparty risk and near-instant settlement of the transaction.

Best Security Tokens #7:  Sia

Sia is a decentralized cloud storage platform that allows users to rent space of any capacity.

Platinum experts state that the platform is best placed to run on digital assets. One is the Siacoin which is the only means through which people can rent space on sia’s cloud storage. Siacoins facilitate the decentralization of the network by avoiding the need to process fiat payments. Another asset is the Siafund token. This fund entitles its holder to a fraction of the sia coins exchanged every instance a file contract gets created in the sia network.

Best Security Tokens #8:  Spice VC

 The once-traditional VC Fund has embraced the idea of STOs and is running away with it. Investors can purchase to which entitle them to two rights:

  • Trading
  • When a portfolio company delivers an exit, the token holder can sell Spice tokens to the Fund increasing their economic interest in the fund of the remaining tokens

Best Security Tokens #9:  OpenFinance Network

One of the landmark partnerships that OpenFinance has managed to pull off is the one with Huobi, a leading crypto-exchange. OpenFinance sets itself apart from its competitors by being the first US-Based regulated trading platform. The platform works with banks, custodians and transfer agents to see that all processes are in line with US regulations.

Best Security Tokens #10:  Swarm Fund

Swarm’s model was designed to bring $1 trillion in assets through private equity. The governance-first model focuses on regulatory engagement and providing STOs that are legally compliant.

With the SRC-20 security tokens, Swarm has successfully attracted Robinhood, a popular commission-free trading app together with other privately-owned companies such as Coinbase, Ripple, and Didi.


For security token offerings to pick up in what’s shaping up to be a competitive market, a lot more happens beyond pre-sales. Just like ICO platforms, it’s essential to have an STO Legal aid and a board of advisors to walk the journey.

Overall, Platinum experts state that the best security tokens 2019 as listed are run by having an elaborate strategy plan on STO Analysis and Risk Assessment and bringing on board a competent marketing partner. It gets easier going forward.

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