The Simplest Way to Become a Delegator in the Noah Blockchain

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The Noah ecosystem opens up great prospects for its members. One of them is the Delegation of NOAH coins. It’s a simple way to make up to 20% of passive income profit per annum. Becoming a Delegator is an indescribably simple process that even a schoolkid can handle. Read this simple guide and open your pocket for profit.

We found out that many Noah holders still don’t know what is Delegation and how to start. They could earn an impressive passive income all this time. We want to help and give a clear guide on how to become a Delegator one more time. It’s an opportunity worth your attention!

Who is Delegator

Delegator is a token holder, who provides his assets to a Validator to get an additional profit. Validator is a blockchain participant who maintains the network and confirms transactions. The bigger his stake the more value he has in the network. That’s why he aims to get more tokens. The only way to do it is to attract more Delegators. Delegators are stars in Noah Blockchain

Validator receives a fee for his services and distributes part of it among Delegators. Catch three hot tips about delegation in the Noah blockchain:

  1. Delegated tokens always belong to Delegator, Validator only uses them only to gain more value in the network.
  2. Delegator can withdraw his tokens at any moment.
  3. The unbond process takes 90 days in the Noah blockchain. After 90 days, you will be able to use NOAH tokens as you want.

Become a Delegator and get bonuses

Delegation is a crucial process for the stable functioning of the Noah blockchain. Every holder can use great prospects by becoming a Delegator:

  • Stable passive income for network maintenance. You can expect up to 20% of passive profit per annum.
  • An opportunity to be an active participant of blockchain. You can control compliance with the rules and the quality of the functions of the Validator. 
  • Chance to reduce the instability of the network. The more stable the network, the more transactions and the profits for all participants.

It is useful for the network and profitable for you. Take your time to think about great prospects that Delegation opens up.

How to become a delegator in a few simple steps

There are 2 ways to become a Delegator. The easiest way is to delegate via the Noah wallet. All you need to do is sign up and go to the Delegation page.

Scroll down to the TOP 5 Validators list and choose Platinum Q DAO Engineering Validator. Now, click the Delegate button.

Define the amount in the pop-up form and click Submit. That’s it, the passive income is on its way to you!

The second delegation option is available via the Noah tools platform. This option fits well with advanced users who have already familiarized themselves with the first option. It allows using other features of the Noah tools platform. We’ve already written a detailed guide on how to start this process.

Delegation is a simple to launch process that grants valuable prospects! You need just a few simple steps to start. Use our guide and embrace the full potential of Delegator status! Don’t waste your precious time, act right now!

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