STO Calendar for 2019: 10 Most Important Security Token Offerings

Hello! My name is Anna Dzyatkovskaya. Today I want to spread the word about 2 unique companies that show what the future of business can be. I am talking about Platinum. Platinum team is a group of professionals who offer a comprehensive list of high-level STO and ICO services and know all about best blockchain platforms. Platinum has become business facilitator of a new generation in less than 2 years!

Interested to find out all about STO? Want to learn about the best STOs to invest in? Find out all about the best STOs in 2019 and see Platinum STO calendar here.

A Security Token Offering has become even more popular starting from 2019. However, since this field is quite new, it is pretty difficult to come across the best and latest STOs.This is the reason why Platinum team is here to help you with this challenging problem. It is expected that soon the amount of securities migrated to the blockchain industry will be equal to millions of dollars. This indicates the fact that STOs truly are becoming very popular with years and investing in this field may be the key to your success.

In the further part of this article, you will be able to find the best list that Platinum experts have prepared for you about the ongoing STOs. We bet you wouldn’t want to miss this great Security Token Offering  project of ours, which is why you should keep on reading!

What Is STO?

We have been mentioning about Security Token Offerings in the above section, however, we haven’t clearly stated what it means and why it is becoming such big of a trend these days. It is very important that before investing in a certain project, people know what exactly a project represents because popularity is not enough. A Security Token Offering is basically functioning the same way as regular financial securities that have nothing to do with the blockchain industry. The main difference here is that Security Token Offerings are confirmed through blockchain.  

The Difference Between ICO and STO

Now that you have the fundamental understanding of STO, you should be interested in why exactly do people have started choosing STOs over ICOs and what is the difference between these two. One thing that can be confusing is that both Security Token Offerings and Initial Coin Offerings provide fundraising, however, people still mostly prefer one over the other. The primary difference here is that an ICO offers fundraising through selling any type of a cryptocurrency, without any exception. On the other hand, STOs offer the same fundraising however only through selling Security Tokens versus Utility ones. Keep on reading to learn more.

Why Invest In STO?

When reading the previous section you may think that it is actually easier and more beneficial to go with Initial Coin Offerings rather than Security Token Offerings, however, ease of use is good, but is not reason enough to start investing. In fact, for the lack of providing rights, and being backed up by assets ICOs have started to breakdown and we have come to the point where the majority of people have lost trust in them as for today. Thus, taking into consideration all these factors, it is most beneficial to invest in STOs, which are becoming even more popular these days.

STO Calendar For 2019

When comparing the ICO and STO list, one thing that pops into the eye is the fact that the ICOs are a lot more common. This can be supported by the fact that STOs are new in the industry, however, they do have a constant and steady growth as for today. Thus, finding an STO calendar for 2019 is of great importance to people nowadays, which is why Platinum team is here to provide you with an STO calendar for 2019, including their start dates and end dates for you. Our chosen calendar with STOs can be found below.

Title Opening DateClosing Date
WeBuy | WBY7 Jan 201916 Feb, 2019
Varanida | VAD6 Oct 201831 Mar 2020
FitBlox | FTO1 Nov 201830 Mar 2019
GSC Platform | GSC25 Jan 201927 Feb 2019
Blue Chip Vision | BCV27 Dec 201825 Feb 2019
Instant Access Medical | iAM1 Oct 201810 Mar 2019

Best STO For 2019

Now that you have an STO list for 2019 Tokens, you might be wondering which one is best suitable to you and how to understand which one among these all is actually the best STO to invest in. This is why we have decided to give you detailed information about each one of these Security Token Offerings so that you will be able to get advanced information about each and every token, as well as be able to easily make up your mind by your own.


The first one on the list of our Security Token Offerings calendar is by no accident on the first place. We believe that this should be a great deal for investment because of what it has to actually offer. WeBuy is an on-demand blockchain era commerce platform. In other words, it allows buyers to get the chance and choose when they want to be reached by buyers and why. This is a perfect opportunity for buyers to effectively and efficientlyi choose their target market and control their budget wisely. Hence, this solution completely removes middlemen out of play, which is a win-win for both buyers and sellers.


This Security Token Offering is best for those who are interested in the marketing industry, specifically advertising and content. It allows people directly related to the marketing industry, such as advertisers and publishers to enter a completely new era of digital content and advertising where each and every stakeholder will get the chance to be rewarded. It is important not to confuse the term ‘stakeholders’ with ‘stockholders’, stakeholders are basically everyone who has an interest in a certain business. Thus, those who are related to this industry should have an interest in this Security Token Offering.


The Security Token Offering of FitBlox is perfect for those who are interested in health, fitness and social community. To understand the nature of the business better, we should mention that this is a special platform which is built on the EOS platform and offers a combination of rewards based on incentives as well as social media monetization. This platform is an awesome way to monetize not only their fitness journey but their social media experience as well using a voting system to encourage and motivate all the users. Users will also be able to control their own data and content. This can be done with the help of providing access to this technology of secure fitness tracking.

4.GSC Platform

The GSC platform is truly a dream-come-true for most of the businesses at it literally gives a great solution to one of the main problems faced by the majority of businesses. Any business owner will agree that the main part of their expenses is their purchases from their suppliers. In general, the supply-chain process is overwhelming with all the processes that it has to go through. There are many responsible tasks to take care of during this process, and at the end, it becomes the major part of a business’ expenses. This is why people look to cut their purchasing expenses as much as possible, which is when this platform will come in handy. It provides purchasing management software and brings businesses an easy way to handle their supply chain process. A great opportunity for improving sale margins and making their data secure will be given to business owners as a result.

5.Blue Chip Vision

Looking for a company that will produce and license a digital ecosystem of all the blockchain-based technologies, systems and platforms? Then this is the company that you have been lookin for! This way you will be able to receive an efficient, effective and absolutely secure services of financing. This is not it. The services will also include content and transactional enterprise management and more. We believe that this is another advanced and developed platform for many business owners out there.  

6.Instant Access Medical

This is another field facing a major problem, that seems to have found a solution! If you talk to patients receiving healthcare, you will learn that they receive many follow ups, alerts and things like that whether or not these are backed up by resources from doctores or not. This is why Instant Access Medical platform solves such major fraud as insurance, prescription abuse and so on. They also secure records, which is another aspect that patients will benefit from with the help of Initial Access Medical.

Final Thoughts

The rumors about the growth of STOs happen to be true. The industry is growing and many people want to invest in such a fast developing and growing industry, such as this one. You should also be the one to invest, and we will help you do that with great knowledge provided in our content. Platinum understand the difficulties that people face with issuing and investing in STOs, which is why we have decided to create the STO calendar of 2019 in the table above and give you as much detailed information as possible. Do not miss this trend, and follow this amazing opportunity starting from today!

Thank you for reading this article!
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