Speed is everything in software development – Platinum Software Development company explains why

We must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if we wish to go anywhere, we must run twice as fast as that! This is not only true for Wonderland but also for the world of technology and software development. How to gain speed? At Platinum Software Development company, we are driven by change, we accelerate change ourselves and always strive to be on the cutting edge. And we can help you answer this question. 

Technology moves at breakneck speed

Ray Kurzweil, the famous futurist, inventor, and Director of Engineering at Google since 2012, published an essay in 2001 on accelerated technological change. 

“We won’t experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century — it will be more like 20,000 years of progress (at today’s rate),” he wrote. The advances in engineering, software development, robotics, and other high-tech industries clearly demonstrate how true this is.

Let’s recall the world wide web, introduced in 1989. Six years after the invention, only 16 million people around the globe used it (0.4 percent of the population). Another six years passed; and in 2001, the number amounted to 558 million! Today, 4.574 billion or almost 60% of the population are internet users.

It’s impossible to deny that technological progress does not speed up linearly but exponentially. Fifteen to twenty years ago, people used paper roadmaps in cars, used phone booths or listened to MP3 players. Rarely do people use these now – instead, we have Google Maps, smartphones and even watches that make calls. 

You could ask, “why are we telling you all this?’ 

The catch-22 here is that the faster the technology changes, the narrower the window of opportunity for high-tech businesses becomes

To win the battle, you should build software fast

According to various estimates, the average end-to-end time for off-the-shelf software development is 4-12 months. At the same time, the typical lifespan of a program is just 6-8 years and perhaps half again for mobile apps.  

Software development companies have less time to develop a new product, win users, and make profits. In fact, the chances of being late and introducing something that’s already ‘yesterday’ is getting more and more likely. 

To keep up with the times and surf the wave of technological evolution, you need to build innovative, flexible, and scalable solutions – and then deliver them fast! In other words, if today’s product lifecycle is short and software becomes obsolete in a year or two, you should make the development lifecycle even shorter than that.

If you thought that your cutting-edge idea has all the time in the world, think again. It’s either, you bring your software product to the market quickly and efficiently or your competitors will do it first. The fastest beats the slowest, it’s as simple as that.

It’s clear why software companies should iterate quickly. The main question is how to pick up the pace. How do you ensure that even the most complex enterprise solutions take months and not years to develop?

The answer is simple and yet difficult – you need to optimize the development cycle. 

Nimble development hacks from Platinum Software Development company

Software companies that want to go above and beyond must be swift in bringing solutions to their clients. To thrive, your delivery cycle needs to be effective and focused – it needs to be optimized.

Software delivery optimization does not mean skipping certain steps, such as business analysis or testing. It means avoiding rework, extra work, and defects.  

Here’s what you should do to run faster than your competitors and roll out the software product right when the market needs it:

  • Gather requirements from day zero and avoid unnecessary features. Perhaps, your team has a lot of ideas to implement but if they don’t bring value to end-users or do not add any value to your business, forget about these ideas. It’s much easier to introduce additional features and respond to market dynamics later when you already have an MVP.
  • Never hand off tasks from one person to another. Once you start task-switching, you lose time in ensuring alignment and superfluous communication. It’s better when engineers or any other team members fully own the process and don’t jump from one area to another. If you can’t avoid a handoff in your project, reduce the passing of batons by using automation and project management tools that show the status details of the task.
  • Follow the technological trends, forget about 10-year old practices and legacy systems. Create a software product for the future, making sure you use flexible and agile technologies, modern approaches to building architecture, and new programming languages.
  • Get rid of processes that chew up precious time. Let’s face it, many of us still have never-ending calls, meetings, or tons of document filling tasks. Ask yourself – “what value do these processes bring to the client”? If the answer is zero, they’re just a burden and you are wasting time.
  • Never cut costs on the skills you need. Product development costs a lot, but errors cost much more. Form the project team wisely. If you don’t have the necessary expertise in-house, don’t try to go without it – take advantage of outsourcing companies that will perform the job at the highest level for you.

Time is precious and it’s running out. No matter how cliche this may sound, this statement is impossible to argue with. If you want to seize the moment for your technology business, you should be super fast – so focus on priorities, stay agile, and entrust work to true professionals who are capable of delivering your solution on time.
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