Small Meetups: Knowledge Exchange Between NOAH Holders

Anton Dziatkovskiy as a co-founder of Platinum Q DAO Engineering is always included in full-cycle software development. Anton Dziatkovskii has indisputable skills in team management, blockchain solutions development, and is leading the team of more than a hundred specialists to new heights. Take a step into the depth of crypto knowledge by reading this article.

We noticed that many members of the Noah community are not able to use the functions of the ecosystem. And this is wrong because its full use opens up new ways for making a profit. Our task as developers is to help people master the opportunities of the ecosystem and begin to use them for their own benefit. Therefore, we rush to Japan to teach holders.

Our largest meetups will start in a week. We planned to hold them in 7 cities from February 10th to 16th. Places and dates:

  • 10th of February – Sendai
  • 11th of February – Saitama
  • 12th of February – Shizuoka
  • 13th of February – Yokohama
  • 14th of February – Tokyo
  • 15th of February – Kobe
  • 16th of February – Fukuoka

You can book a place for meetups by filling the Google form or via the Noah blockchain platform

What you will learn

The main topic of our meetups will be making money on the Noah ecosystem. We will also help everyone with registrations in services, token swap and answer all questions. We will put a special emphasis on Noah Citizenship, DAO DeFi, and coin Delegation. Here are a few words about these fantastic opportunities.

Noah Citizenship

It will bring up to 100% profit but only for those who bought citizenship in the first quarter of 2020, only for 1 000 people. You may ask “Why such a  huge profit”? The answer is only a person who becomes a citizen at the beginning will get maximum profit! Now is the best time to purchase Noah Citizenship. The price will increase in the future but now it’s is minimal and affordable.

The number of available citizenships decreases every day. Take into account that privileged and senator options are not available anymore in 1st Quarter 2020! Don’t miss your chance to become a part of the futuristic project and receive a stable passive income.


The time of traditional finance is passing. Banks are no longer associated with “passive income”. The era of decentralized finance has come. The conscious smart people who value a stable passive income choose QDAO DeFi. 

DeFi is the meaning of Decentralized Finance. It is like a Bank, but fully decentralized, and absolutely secured. Get up to 8.31% per annum in your deposited cryptocurrency. Income accrued daily and you are not limited to withdrawal of funds. Don’t lose the opportunity to earn money with Q DAO DeFi.


The delegation will give up to 20% of annual profit. It’s the same as mining in a typical blockchain and it helps to keep NOAH blockchain live! It’s enough just to delegate NOAH and receive passive income for maintaining the network. This is a simple process that takes no more than a minute.

You get several advantages at once: you become an active member of the network, make a profit and influence the changes in the blockchain rules. Become a Delegator and start earning passive income.

The problem is bigger than we thought

As we have said, holders don’t know how to use the ecosystem. Many of them still haven’t made a token swap. Not because they don’t want, but because they don’t know how to. Our goal is to educate everyone but our possibilities are limited. There are more than 40 thousand people in the Noah community, and with all our desire, we cannot meet everyone. Is there a solution?

Fortunately, the Noah Project has a very active community. Many are trying to help and are already organizing their own mini-meetups at which they train holders. This is the best solution!

We need your initiative

We ask you to organize mini-meetups in your cities with other holders and share knowledge. It’s very important for the prosperity of the entire community. The more people are aware of and use the opportunities of the ecosystem, the more active it becomes. This ensures a steady increase of the community, growth of NOAH price, and new benefits!

If you need help organizing, feel free to contact us. We created special chats for the meetups organizers in Telegram and LINE. Follow the links to join them and get support:



Be sure to send reports on your meetups to our community and you will be rewarded. We plan to create a separate committee that will encourage your activity. 

Together we can make the Noah Project prosperous and all NOAH holders wealthy. To make this possible, everyone must contribute. The conscious community is the key to success and we will build it together!

Express your ideas about future educational topics or feel free to ask questions in our community groups:

  • General discussion: 

 English, Japanese, or Korean Telegram chats

Additional Kakao Talk for Korean speaking community

  • General Noah Blockchain discussion:

English and Japanese Telegram chats

  • Updates from our Platinum Trading Experts: 

English, Japanese, or Russian Telegram chats

  • Livestreams, video podcasts here: the official YouTube channel
  • More about blockchain technology in a full blockchain course:

 The University of Blockchain and Investing UBAI.

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