The Ultimate Guide on How to Start Earning with QDAO DeFi via Noah Custodian Wallet

Noah Custodian Wallet is the heart of the Noah Project. It can be used for every available purpose within the ecosystem and for using QDAO DeFi too. Some users still don’t know that they can check and withdraw passive income, using the DeFi page of their Noah Wallet. We’re here to explain how to link your BTCNEXT Exchange account to your Noah Custodian Wallet and how to keep track of passive earnings.

QDAO DeFi is the banking of a new era! One of the most exciting aspects of the QDAO DeFi platform is the ability to earn a truly passive income on the BTCNEXT Exchange, accruing interest of between 5.18% and 8.31% on different digital assets. The best part is that interest is accrued every day. There are no lockups and you can withdraw your funds any time you desire.

It’s very simple to start using QDAO DeFi and anyone can take advantage of it. Let’s quickly learn, step-by-step, how to receive a passive income with the QDAO DeFi program and how to track it from your  Noah Custodian Wallet.

How to start

Log in to your BTCNEXT Exchange account. You must have funds there to activate QDAO DeFi income. 

On the top of the page, there is an option to participate in the QDAO DeFi program. Simply slide it to the right and participation will start automatically. This simple push of a button will activate the system to start calculating interest on the balance of your crypto holdings and this accrued interest will be added to your fund balance every day.

Next, you need to log in to your Noah Custodian Wallet account and follow the DeFi page or My Income page. Here, you need to link your BTCNEXT account to your wallet. Click on the button indicated in the screenshot.

Your BTCNEXT account can be linked to your NOAH wallet account only after 24 hours from the moment you activate QDAO DeFi on the BTCNEXT account.

You will be redirected to the BTCNEXT login page. Fill in your email and password, then press Login.

It’s done! Now you can check out your daily passive income in the Noah Custodian Wallet. Wasn’t that easy?

How to withdraw profit

A few words regarding the DeFi page itself… you will see the total QDAO DeFi Rewards and Incomes at the top of the page and below them, you will see the coins.

You can check income and withdraw your profit from within this page. The Withdraw buttons will become active after you reach the minimum withdrawal amount in a specific cryptocurrency:

  • BTC — 0.0002
  • ETH — 0.002
  • XRP — 22
  • USDQ — 1
  • BNX — 1
  • QDAO — 1
  • NOAHP — 1000
  • BCH — 0.02
  • USDT — 10
  • DASH — 0.01
  • LTC — 0.01
  • XMR — 0.1
  • NEO — 2
  • ADA — 4
  • XLM — 50
  • ZEC — 0.01
  • XEM — 5000

Click the Withdraw button and fill in the requested information to receive your profit.

Easy way to start earning with QDAO DeFi

Passive income has never been so accessible. QDAO DeFi is the new way of earning. Track your profits on a convenient interface and withdraw funds without any problems – we have already taken care of everything!

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