Step-by-step Guide on Participating in QDAO DeFi

The QDAO DeFi platform is a simple, yet powerful, ecosystem that offers the advantages of decentralized finance to all. The platform offers attractive interest rates on crypto deposits, quick loans against crypto as well as up to 100X leverage on margin trading for traders, for a wide variety of assets.

One of the most exciting aspects of the QDAO DeFi platform is the ability to earn a truly passive income by loaning crypto assets on BTCNEXT EXCHANGE and accruing interest between 5.18% and 8.31% on different digital assets. The best part is that interest is accrued every day. There are no lockups and you can withdraw your funds any time you desire.

This process is very simple and anyone can take advantage of it. Let us quickly learn step-by-step how to get passive income from loaning crypto assets.

  • Open an account on BTCNEXT Exchange, if you do not have one already.
  • If you have your crypto assets stored on any other wallet, transfer whatever amount you wish on to your BTCNEXT account wallet. To do this, simply click on “Funds.” 
  • Select the crypto asset you wish to transfer. For instance, if you wish to transfer BTC from your wallet to your BTCNEXT account wallet, click on BTC. You will get an address to deposit BTC.
  • Copy the BTC deposit address and use it in the wallet where you are holding your BTC. Select the appropriate amount of BTC you wish to transfer. Within some time, your BTC will be transferred to your BTCNEXT wallet.
  • After successful transfer (in this case $500 worth of BTC), it will show in your wallet balance.
  • Transfer more funds (XRP, BTC and ETH at the moment) if you wish.
  • They will be shown in your wallet balance. (In this case the user has transferred $500 worth BTC and $300 worth ETH)
  • On the top of the page, there is an option to participate in the DeFi. Simply slide it to your right to automatically start. This simple push of the button will activate the system to start calculating interest on your balance crypto holdings and this accrued interest will be added to your fund balance every week.
  • To know your accrued interest, you can send a message on Telegram to John Forbes (@John_Forbes). He will be happy to tell you what your current eligible holdings are and the amount of interest you have accrued in your account. 

Using this simple method, you can make your crypto assets grow organically without any active participation. This is true passive income.

Along with BTCNEXT, Q DAO team is also introducing its DeFi platform on another platform very soon. We are also in the process to roll out many more exciting features to extend the advantages of decentralized finance for individuals and enterprises, both small and medium. Through QDAO DeFI, we wish to serve a large section of people and bring to them crypto-powered finance and its limitless potential. 

You can read everything about our future plans for QDAO DeFi in our previous article.  

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