Platinum Q DAO Engineering becomes an exclusive partner to Embily in Japan

Platinum Q DAO Engineering is now the one and only partner of Embily, who officially work and distribute their own cards in Japan. Embily issues payment cards and also provides services in the blockchain field. Together, the two companies will be closely developing crypto banking services for Japan.

Embily is a company that provides a wide range of services for working with blockchain technology, as well as optimizing internal processes using blockchain. The company provides:

  • different management tools
  • help in optimizing affiliate programs
  • white label portal for clients
  • help with blockchain integration
  • blockchain analytics

These companies have been collaborating in the technical sense for a long time. One of the latest collaborative products is the Noah Payment Card. This card allows deposits to be made using three cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH and USDT) with automatic conversion to yen, dollars and other currencies, as well as enabling instant payments. Embily and Platinum Q DAO Engineering have also conducted joint marketing events alongside card development.

The companies are striving to develop a partnership that provides the Noah community with even more amazing solutions. Platinum Q DAO Engineering is sure that it will succeed in this, together with the efforts of Embily.

The banking services sector in Japan is specific. Therefore, Platinum Q DAO Engineering is the only official distributor of Embily cards (Noah Payment Card) in the country.

Order your Noah Payment Card right now if you are ready to receive the most out of your cryptocurrencies and if you are ready to make easy use of it to pay for your daily needs. Please contact John Forbes today to order your card.

Platinum Q DAO Engineering is pleased to have developed this cooperation with Embily in Japan. The company is confident that through joint effort, banking services will become even more convenient and practical.

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