How to Keep Your NOAH Tokens Safe?

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The price of NOAH token growing steadily and holders’ wallets can be targeted by cybercriminals. We care about the welfare of our community, so we’ve decided to launch a series of security guides.

We will tell you how to properly store your NOAH tokens using a PC or a laptop. There are non-obvious ways to lose access to your assets and we will talk about them too. Are you ready to reach the uncompromising level of security? Then join our guide!

Ways to improve security in the Noah Ecosystem.

The majority of NOAH holders uses PC or laptops when operates with cryptocurrencies. Basically, there are three ways to store digital assets in the Noah ecosystem: 

  • BTCNEXT exchange.
  • Noah wallet.
  • Noah tools platform.

We always imply efforts to make storage absolutely safe. You must use a strong password and complete other security steps to protect assets. We suggest using these tips.

BTCNEXT exchange.

The first step is to activate two-factor authentication (2FA). It can be done via google mail or special apps, e.g. Google Authenticator. You will be asked to enter the six-digit code every time when you try to access your BTCNEXT exchange account. This code will be sent to your mail or displayed in the app. You can use a detailed guide on how to activate 2FA here.

Check out the emails from BTCNEXT. You will receive a notification if you are logged in. Contact support managers or change passwords if you received such a letter but still do not have access to your account.

Noah wallet

The recommendations for the Noah wallet are pretty much the same as for the BTCNEXT exchange. Don’t ignore two-factor authentication and make a strong password. Just update it on the Security page if you have doubts about whether your password was lost.

If you want to activate two-factor authentication in the Noah wallet, follow your profile page and pick the Security section. Choose one of two options (E-mail or Google Auth) and follow simple instructions that you will see on the screen.

Noah tools platform

Recommendations will vary depending on which registration method you have chosen. The safest option for generated Seed Phrase is to write it on the paper and keep it in a safe place. No one excepts you to have access. Think about keeping the Keystore file on a flash drive if you choose that registration method. Seed Phrases and Keystore files cannot be restored. You will lose access to your account forever once you lost it.

General safety tips:

We examined ways to increase the security of your NOAH tokens in the Noah ecosystem, now let’s look at the general ones:

  1. Do not use public Wi-Fi networks.
  2. Use antivirus software.
  3. Do not visit suspicious sites.
  4. Do not download files from unverified servers.
  5. Do not store passwords in easily accessible folders.
  6. Back up files.
  7. Use different passwords.
  8. Do not share personal information with third parties.
  9. Use private windows.

The list seems to be big but these are all needed steps for your security. Stick to the described rules and your NOAH tokens will belong only to you!

We have good news for those who prefer to use a mobile. Soon we will release a guide on how to protect your assets for smartphone users. This was the first educational article of a series, stay tuned to be protected!

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