Mini-Meetup Organizing Guide: How to Make It Perfect

Anton Dziatkovskii as a co-founder of Platinum Q DAO Engineering plays an important role in the implementation of blockchain technology. With 5 years of experience in blockchain, Anton Dzyatkovskiy believes that advanced technology can truly change the future. Read this article to dive into the disruptive technology wave of blockchain technology.

An active community is an important condition for the development of companies and projects. Mutual assistance, lively communication, and self-education all strengthen the community. Therefore, meetups organized by community members are no less important than those organized by the company.

We have already written about the importance of these meetups in detail here. We advise you to familiarize yourself with this information in order to understand why they are needed, what happens there and how to stay in the comfort zone.

People may not know how to organize their own meetups even when they have a desire to help. We decided to write a detailed guide on how to organize a mini-meetup using the Noah Project as an example.

Why are mini-meetups needed?

The Noah Project is developing rapidly. New features have been introduced over the past few months, such as QDAO DeFi, Delegation, Coiner and the Noah City passive income. Alas, not all members of the community are able to fully use all the benefits of the Noach ecosystem. There are some users who have not yet executed the token swap. They need help.

With all our wishes, Platinum Q DAO Engineering cannot visit all the cities of Japan and organize training seminars. Therefore, we turned to our community for help in organizing educational mini-meetups. During them, the user will be able to learn how to use all the features of the Noah ecosystem, as well as receive any other help.

How to organize educational mini-meetup

Platinum Q DAO Engineering appreciates and encourages initiatives and active users. To facilitate the organization of the mini-meetups, we created a convenient Google form and we are ready to help our holders in every way. The first step is to fill out this form.

Read all the information carefully. Please note that the fields marked with a red asterisk are required. Enter your real name first.

Then indicate the city in which you would like to hold/attend a meetup. The next point is important, we are talking about organizing a meeting in this guide, so choose the first option.

Next, fill out the contact information so that we can contact you.

You can also indicate the topic you want to talk about during the meetup. After that, you need to send the form and wait until we contact you.

The groups for the mini-meetups are already created in LINE and Telegram. The information about the date and place can be received from organizers. We will help you to book a place if you need. We are also ready to help financially and inform the Noah community about the upcoming event. If your meetup attracts new users, we will reward you for your efforts.

Important thing is to join our Guild for meetups organizers. We have a special groups in LINE and Telegram. You can ask any related questions there.

Mini-meetup is a way of a growing community

As you can see, organizing your own meetup is not difficult. Especially if you enlist for our support. Meetups are extremely important, because the more conscious the Noah community, the faster the entire project develops. Feel free to take the initiative — this is a must! But remember — we will always cover your back!

Express your ideas about future educational topics or feel free to ask questions in our community groups:

  • General discussion: 

 English, Japanese, or Korean Telegram chats

Additional Kakao Talk for Korean speaking community

  • General Noah Blockchain discussion:

English and Japanese Telegram chats

  • Updates from our Platinum Trading Experts: 

English, Japanese, or Russian Telegram chats

  • Livestreams, video podcasts here: the official YouTube channel
  • More about blockchain technology in a full blockchain course:

 The University of Blockchain and Investing UBAI.

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