What is ICO’s?

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Initial Coin Offering or ICO can be referred to as a public investment in a project or company. ICO is just like crowdfunding but different as it uses blockchain as the mechanism of controlling transaction, the same mechanism is what is being used to support crypto-currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin, and even in a lot of transaction schemes of the same kinds.

The “coin” in ICO symbolises interest in the property, which is like a certificate of digital shares a company owns. An IPO or initial public offering of shares is where investors can obtain ownership of the interest in a company. This implies that in an ICO, investors can buy “coins” from any company and register their property via blockchain, then those “coins” would appreciate in value as the business advances in success.

Benefits of Using ICO’s


ICO can be seen as a win-win situation for both participants and the entrepreneur. The entrepreneurs are using it for fundraising to start their projects, while the participants can use it to gain profit for a short period of time.


When you start an ICO, the prices would be set at its minimum, but in future, they will increase. Our experience at Platinum shows that it all depends on how much people joins the project. When you are involved in ICO and you purchase cryptocurrency, then be rest assured that your investment will eventually increase in value.


Unlike other methods of raising capital such as taking loans from Banks and other financial institutions, you can raise money hassle-free by putting up your ICO’s for sale.

How to Market your ICO’s Successfully

In other to ensure that you have fully understood  the essence of ICO’s and its advantages and you want to take it a step further by starting up your own, here are the following steps you can take to successfully create and market your own ICO’s.


The white-papers are the technical oriented documents that contain the business plans of the startup. This is the point where teams in a company source for funds before they come up with a prototype. Writing the white-paper is one of the major tasks the team has to do first.

Platinum team knows for sure that the white-papers are very serious and complex documents. Founders of the projects need to thoroughly and vigorously go through it over and over again before publishing. The white-paper should be published on your website so that interested investors can view it. You also need to know that your technical manual and your marketing plans are all embedded in the white-paper. And as such, it is ideal that fluffy substances should be avoided.

If you want to create an ICO campaign, you are advised to avoid outsourcing third parties writing the white-paper for you. Everyone in a company that wants to create an ICO campaign has to get the whole team involved. From the sales personnel to the development team, as well as the core developers should be involved in the campaign, in other to ensure that investors take them seriously. Businesses and start-ups need a semi-technical explanation as to the ICO working principle as well as an easy-to-understand walk-through for some non-technical investors.

The white-paper should have a credible technical roadmap, acceptable business roadmap, and free of ambiguity token distribution model, for the purpose of appealing to potential investors that have no technical knowledge. Start-ups and small businesses need to take their effort one step further and publish a White-paper.

Here are some links which will help you write a great whitepaper –



After you have created your digital coin and developed the White Paper and the marketing strategy, you need to approach the crypto exchanges to list your coin. It is known as the exchange by which investors can sell and buy your token in the open market. At the same time, it can also be seen as a medium of trading your coin with other digital coins like Mobero, Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. You have to ensure that your coin gets accepted by exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Bittrex, Coinexchange Poloniex etc. It is important that your ICO token sale such as Seal, TokenLend, Streamity are successful. There are many ways of listing a coin, it all depends on the exchanges.

The following information is needed by exchanges in other to list your coin:

  • Coin name.
  • Trading symbol of the coin.
  • Logo of the coin.
  • Description of the coin and project.
  • Source code reviewed by a trusted third party.
  • Launch date.

Coinlist is another platform that is worth targeting which would not only bring investors, but they can also handle many regulatory compliance issues. When you get listed on Coinlist you have a better chance of being successful in your ICO. Note that some exchanges like Poloniex and Bittrex do not list tokens that may be referred to as secured by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Likewise, the rating has an important role to play. By means of ICO rating, many investors have gotten an overview and as well a perfect idea of the best ICOs to invest.


Create an attractive website for your company. Take a look at Platinum page. Your website will be the first impression for your investors. Make sure the first impression is perfect. Work on the design and architecture of your website. Include all the information about your token, investment return plans, ICO and, terms and conditions. Your website should have the ‘About Us’ page and ‘Contact Us’ page including pages for your whitepaper.

Once the website is done, it’s time to promote it socially. You can consider hiring digital marketers so that they can promote your website in social media. Thereby, advertising your websites in a lot of social media platforms sbd use attractive infographics with whatever you are offering.

The website should follow the guidelines listed below.

A. Site menu

The website of the company will need translations. It is important to know that when you have only English on the website, it may limit the number of people the company can get to as initial coin offering is a global phenomenon.

It has been suggested by experts that companies or startups should have translations such as Chinese and Russian on their website. For people to follow and get in touch with you, you need a website that has different social media channels.

B. The homepage

In the website of any company launching an ICO, it has to have a long landing page as well as a format that includes all the important information. Vital information about the token sales should be accessible by users, as well as other details when they scroll down the page.

For a more engaging and attractive website, information should be separated into pages. Although, note that a lot of ICOs around the world prefers the use of a long landing page to offer their information.  

C. The project section

All detailed information about the project is shown in the project section of the website. Moreover, this section includes the technology features, the roadmap/development plans, and current status of the development of the project.

The potential investors who are actually investing are shown in the project section of the website. Also, this section of the website will assist investors by providing an understanding of the benefits of an ICO campaign.

A clear picture of the company’s plan would also be portrayed to the potential investors for the funds they collect during the crowd sale. There have been suggestions by experts that companies should use an arrangement of infographics or pictures rather than a large amount of text.

D. The ICO and the cryptocurrency token

This segment of your website should strategically explain in details the ICO as well as the cryptocurrency token. It is important to explain this information in the ICO and the token section of the website as seen below.

  • The name of the cryptocurrency token
  • What the token represents
  • The price of the cryptocurrency tokens
  • The number of cryptocurrency tokens that is going to be released by the company
  • Start and end dates of the ICO campaign

E. Documents, legal or social media channels

This is the last section of your website that should contain links for information about a smart contract and the white paper. It is preferable to have on the main page of your website links instead of documents because the technical paper, the white paper and the smart contract information are full of text, larger, and more in-depth.

Moreover, the last section should be a link of the website that redirects investors to the terms and conditions agreements. The terms and conditions agreements are what is required for a legal standpoint and need to be drafted with care by the company. The social media links should also be in the last section of the website of any company that wants to launch an ICO and at the same time raise money for projects in the future.

As soon as your website is ready, then it is time for SEO. Don’t you want your website to be visible on the #1 rank when any user is searching for an ICO? Then, SEO is the one way to get an organic reach. Search engine optimization strategy has been able to decide search engine popularity for many websites today. While Blockchain SEO includes both on-page and off-page activities. You can decide to do your SEO optimization yourself or hire an SEO agency to help you get it done.


In a global distribution strategy, there should be a basic goal for your marketing as this is vital for attracting important investors that will, in the end, interacting with your content. It will also help to drive interested individuals in your community and complete your public sale. A global distribution strategy includes the following channels.

A. Social media communities and influencer marketing

There are lots of cryptocurrency groups, network on social media, communities, and pages. So, be part of any one of the communities and actively be part of the discussions and events. These communities will ensure you get opportunities to meet many people and investors that are like-minded. Also, ensure you leave an excellent impression in any one of the networks. Talk about how your unique ideas of the ICO.

Social media will provide you with a lot of ICO marketing channels. Check some of them to start with:

  • Telegram: Telegram is a great platform for ICO Marketing. It is one of the major networks for cryptocurrency and blockchain.
  • Quora: Quora is also a wonderful discussion platform that is filled with a lot of rational individuals. Topics on Initial Coin Offerings are interesting posting questions as well as getting a good exposure for your ICO
  • Reddit: Reddit has a lot of popular crypto channels. Join any one of them and start discussion threads.
  • LinkedIn Groups: this platform has a lot of professionals populating this platform and as such, it has some of the best individuals you can expose your ICO too.

B. E-mail marketing and newsletters

Platinum experts know that E-mail marketing is also an active and working medium for marketing your ICOs. You can consider sending bulk E-mails and newsletters to individuals who have subscribed to your channel. First and foremost, you have to create an E-mail list to which you want to send the E-mails to. One of the best ways to get this E-mail list is to ensure people to subscribe to your channel on your website. As soon as you have the E-mail list, write an attractive newsletter and send it to everyone that subscribed. Your E-mails may even get to some investors.


With Platinum expertise and experience, we have compiled this list for ICO marketing. When you follow these strategies you will get the best investors as well as a potential to reach the highest point in the market in no time. Therefore abide by the above strategies of ICO Marketing and make your ICO successful.


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