How to use all the Noah Project benefits — detailed Guide

We strive to give Noah holders as many opportunities to interact with the Noah blockchain as possible. Therefore, our developers worked hard on the new features. To use these features, we  developed a separate tools platform. However, in order to start enjoying all the benefits of the Noah blockchain, it’s necessary to go through the process of registration and deposit funds. It can be complicated, so we decided to prepare a detailed guide on how to start to use the Noah tools platform. Let’s pass this way together.

You asked for it and we give you a detailed guide on how to gain access to all the features of the Noah Project. Get ready to remember tons of information, because today you will learn:

  • The process of NOAH wallet refilling.
  • All the benefits you can get via the NOAH wallet.
  • How to refill the BTCNEXT account and what you can do with it after.
  • Few  simple steps of purchasing NOAH coins and withdrawing it to your wallet.
  • How to get started on the Noah tools platform: registration, refilling, features description.

How to refill NOAH wallet

First of all, you need to have your own NOAH wallet. If you don’t have it yet, you can sign up by using this link. It’s a simple process that will take no more than a few minutes, just follow the instructions .

Be sure to protect your account with Two-factor authentication in a Security settings menu. You can choose confirmation via e-mail or Google Authenticator app.

After you finish with it, let’s move on to the replenishment of your NOAH wallet. Click the deposit button and copy the shown address. The next stop is the BTCNEXT exchange.

Benefits of the NOAH wallet

Do not rush to withdraw your NOAH coins when you will have them, they can be used in different ways! The first way is to get the Noah Citizenship. We have already shared a detailed guide on how to do it. You can count on a steady income and a chance to participate in the project of the future! Or, you can participate in the Voting and contribute to the governance of the Noah blockchain. Read more about Voting system here. These are just a few options for interacting with a NOAH wallet, we wrote in detail about all of them on the blog.

How to refill BTCNEXT account

Login to your BTCNEXT Exchange account. If you don’t have it yet, create it by using this link and clicking the OPEN ACCOUNT button. Just follow the instructions and don’t forget about  security.

A few words about the BTCNEXT benefits

The BTCNEXT Exchange will be useful  for exchanging cryptocurrencies for NOAH coins. In addition to the ability to trade dozens of crypto pairs, you can use other advantages of the exchange. For example, to receive passive income from keeping crypto in your account. You don’t need to do anything, just keep funds and make a profit. In the same way, you can diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio and protect yourself from market volatility. Don’t forget to use the benefits of the QDAO DeFi via BTCNEXT. To learn more about it, read this article.

How to purchase NOAH coin

After completing the registration, you’ll be forwarded to the wallet page. To purchase NOAH coins, you will have to deposit some other cryptocurrency (e.g. BTC or ETH). Just choose the desired crypto and click deposit.

You’ll be forwarded to the deposit page where you must click Proceed.

Afterwards, you’ll be given the address of the wallet. Send you crypto to it.

The next step is to purchase NOAH coins. To make it, you need to go to the exchange by clicking the Exchange button on the BTCNEXT menu.

You will be forwarded to the Exchange screen. Here you must choose the wanted pair, the amount of NOAHP you want to purchase, and click Buy NOAHP button. Congratulations, you have obtained NOAH coins!

How to withdraw NOAH coins

To move your NOAH coin to the NOAH.Platinum wallet, you need to click the Withdraw button as it showed on the screenshot.

After, follow the link and choose to Withdraw.

Enter your email, password, the amount of NOAH coin, and recipient address that you have copied from your NOAH wallet. Click the Apply button and wait for coins to arrive at your wallet.

Registration of the Noah tools platform

Finally, we have reached the tools platform. First of all, you need to sign up (once again). There are two options to make it:

  • Generate Seed Phrase;
  • Generate Keystone.

Both of them are secure enough.

By choosing the Seed Phrase option, you will be given 12 words, save them in a secure place or better write on the paper.

And if you choose the Keystone file, you’ll be offered to type a strong password after which the file will be downloaded and the address of your wallet generated. Save them too and sign in.

Transfer to the Noah tools platform

The last step is to fill a simple form to transfer funds from your NOAH wallet to the tools platform wallet. Just follow the instruction. After that, you will receive your Noah on your tools account within 4 hours. If you will have any problem with it you can still contact  @noahtoolsofficial on Telegram.

Platform exclusive features

Now, the NOAH coin is on your tool platform wallet and you can use all the features:

  • Exchange. Here you can exchange NOAH coins to any minted coins.
  • Delegation. Select validator and delegate your coin to get passive income.
  • Masternode. Become a Validator and run your own masternode to get more profit from the Noah blockchain maintaining.
  • Coiner. You can mint your own coin: pick the capitalization, name, and other specifics.

In the future, we will share more detailed information about all the features, as we did with Validators and Delegators here.

Endless benefits of the Noah tools platform

We hope, we haven’t missed anything and even the baby will be able to figure out how to deposit funds on the Noach tools platform. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with it in more detail because its functionality provides many promising opportunities. Don’t waste the time — use them!

Now we offer three full-fledged options to use your NOAH coins. You can choose the path of the ordinary Noah citizen and get your passive income from decentralized state revenue. Also, you’ll be taking part in Voting and make a contribution to the Noah City governance.

Or you can go the more active way and start using the features of the BTCNEXT Exchange: trade, keep funds for passive income, and use other cryptocurrencies. You can choose the third way and start using the Noah tools platform, where you can mint own coin, become Validator or Delegator, and buy brand new coins. In the meantime, we will continue the development and will introduce many more fantastic options in the future!

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