How to mint your own coin with the Noah tools platform

Not long ago we have rolled out our brand new Noah tools platform to give NOAH holders different opportunities for coin usage. The platform turned out to be really original, and its functionality can be called unique. Not all cryptocurrency ecosystems can offer such conditions for profit.

One of the main features is Coiner — the opportunity to create your own coin. Today we want to focus on this process and give you a clear and convenient guide on how to become a Creator. Let’s go!

The cryptocurrency creation process

Minting a coin from scratch has never been so easy! All you need to do is just follow the instructions and in a few minutes, you will get your own coin. Let’s go through the process all the way, step by step.

The first step is to register an account on the Noah tools platform. Afterward, you will need to refill it with NOAH coins and it’s not that fast and simple. Fortunately for you, we have prepared a big and detailed guide about every registration process in the Noah Ecosystem. Check it out and let’s continue our journey.

When you see the transfer of NOAH coins to your account, you can proceed to the most interesting! First, go to the Coiner section.

On the page, you will see several fields of basic information about your future coin. They must be filled in:

  • Coin name. The full name of your coin (for example, Bitcoin). Arbitrary string up to 64 letters long.
  • Coin symbol. Ticker symbol (for example, BTC, minimum 3 letters). Must be unique, alphabetic, uppercase, and 3 to 10 symbols long. Depending on the length of the ticker you also have to pay coin creation fee:
    • 3 letters — NOAH 250 000 000,00
    • 4 letters — NOAH 25 000 000,00
    • 5 letters — NOAH 2 500 000,00
    • 6 letters — NOAH 250 000,00
    • 7-10 letters — NOAH 25 000,00
  • Initial amount.
  • Reserve amount (minimum 250000 NOAH).
  • Constant reserve ratio. CRR reflects the volume of Noah reserves backing a newly issued coin. The higher the coefficient, the higher the reserves and thus the lower the volatility. And vice versa. The value should be an integer and fall in the range from 10 to 100.
  • Message (optional). Any additional information about the transaction. Please note it will be stored on the blockchain and visible to anyone. May include up to 1024 symbols. This option becomes visible after clicking the Advanced mode button.

After you fill all the fields, you will see the Initial Price of your future coin. Pay attention that fees will be paid in NOAH.

Important details

When creating a new coin, keep in mind a few more things. First one, a coin will be deleted if the reserve is less than NOAH 100, OR price is less than NOAH 0.0001, OR volume is less than 1 coin. You can see this information below the form. And just to remind you the second one is that there are a Ticker Symbol Fees:

  • 3 letters — NOAH 250 000 000,00
  • 4 letters — NOAH 25 000 000,00
  • 5 letters — NOAH 2 500 000,00
  • 6 letters — NOAH 250 000,00
  • 7-10 letters — NOAH 25 000,00

Check out all the information and click Create, if everything is correct and you are read. You will have to confirm your intentions by clicking the button.

Congratulations, now you have your own coin!

Coin minting is the future!

Drawing the bottom line of today’s guide, we can say that you have a simple recipe for creating your own cryptocurrency. If you think about the prospects for this opportunity longer than 1 second, you will realize that they are truly endless. The purpose and the limits of a brand new coin are set by one in charge and it’s you. Most importantly, the coin minting is really easy to do!

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