How to cope with success and haters in the software development industry

What’s the fundamental problem with fame? Is it money? Too much attention from people all around? Or is it the constant feeling of pressure and competition that a famous person feels? No. The hardest thing is dealing with people who are obsessed with a famous person in some way. This can be said for both fans and haters. 

When an entrepreneur starts something new (and by ‘new’ we mean an ‘original’ venture), they step into the unknown and take risks. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don’t. But if they succeed, little by little, they start receiving recognition and acquiring fans as a result of their work. When we started the Platinum Software Development company, nobody cared about us. But bit by bit, through our participation in projects such as Noah City, we have won many fans and since then have received their support every day. There are two types of fans: obsessive fans who praise you no matter what you do; and then there are normal people, who simply admire your hard work and dedication. 

There’s no problem with having people who value your work and luckily, we mostly get these types of followers. However, people who are irrationally obsessed with someone’s work and sometimes with the person themselves, these types of fans are a lot more troublesome. These are dubbed “fanboys”, no matter what age they are. They are overly praising about everything that their object of adoration does. This lack of constructive criticism or feedback doesn’t help anyone along the way. 

Who’s got all the free time in the world?

Probably, it might seem that it’s not the worst thing ever to have some fans who are just a bit over the edge. Yet, there’s another type of fanatical person called a “hater” who is a lot more annoying. Usually, when an entrepreneur receives negative feedback, they take something that they can use to either improve themselves or improve their product. Haters don’t offer anything valuable. They just hate. No matter what the object of their hate does, they always find a way to say something bad about them. Ask Elon Musk if you don’t believe that these people exist. 

If a person or team succeeds in making something big, something useful that many people like, they probably feel that they don’t deserve being treated this disrespectfully; that they don’t deserve to be hated. What’s the problem with these people?! Why do they choose someone to hate? 

The secret is, many haters have their own talents. But something stops them from fulfilling their potential and they feel like they’re missing out on something. Wasted potential is a big problem for many people. It even makes some of them angry and bitter.

Thus, when such a person sees someone else who’s actually achieved something big, they feel like they have been robbed and that they’re looking at the robber who took everything that they feel actually belongs to them. They feel angry and compelled to reveal ‘the truth’ to everyone. And they won’t stop until everyone ‘realizes’ what a con artist their object of hate is, which means, in terms of the real world, they just won’t ever stop. 

Obsessive fans and haters have a lot in common, they are basically the same, just with the polarities switched. You might think that these people could find a better application of their time. Could they achieve something significant if they abandoned their obsession with some famous person and instead started working towards their own goals? Probably, but the reality is, they can’t and don’t want to. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have started it in the first place.

Being a person who has achieved something significant, there’s no need to care about haters. You just have to accept them as a part of life, which is something that everyone who’s even remotely close to being famous must deal with. Haters don’t hate an individual person or a company. It’s an image of themselves that they hold in that space – it is their unrealized expectations vs their reality. It’s never about someone else. We at Platinum Fund also get a lot of irrational hate for what we’re doing, despite creating so many useful products and services while trying to give something useful to the world. 

But do we care? The Platinum Software Development team takes all constructive criticism seriously because we strive to improve ourselves – we always listen to all the feedback we get. But over the years, we’ve learned to ignore haters, seeing them as white noise. If you start listening to them, you can be sure that you won’t ever hear anything useful. You simply have to continue working towards your goals and refrain from caring about what some randoms on the Internet say. That’s the best thing you can do. 

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