How to Choose STO Marketing Agency: Best STO Consulting Company in 2019

Hey everyone! My name is Dmitrii Skripkin, I am the head of a traffic department at Platinum. Our team comprises of over 100 specialists with wide-ranging experience in crypto and financial markets. We have consulted more than 700 projects so far and have helped raise in excess of $200 million.

Choosing the best of anything in its field will always be controversial. In a new and still growing market that is security token offerings, it may take time to determine who really the best is. Only time and growth of investment will be able to indicate who are the best marketing agencies and consulting companies across the globe. Platinum can give you insights into what makes the best consulting company.

Choosing an STO marketing company

When looking for the best STO marketing company you will need to consider some key factors of each company you look at.

Investor network-successful STO Company will have a large investor network. The investors will play a major role in a company’s success or failure. More than relying on the initial investor network, a good company will have the potential to attract more investors. This can be done by having excellent and talented advisors on the team. A healthy and transparent investor/advisor relationship will exist. The team needs to be interested in your project and be willing to take a long look at what you have to offer.

Legal solutions and services-as there are strict rules and regulations involved with STOs; the legal team needs to be top notch. Legal strategising is an important aspect to look for. Law requires that each STO must be properly registered and fit within the regulated framework of an agency. They need to offer excellent advice, establish all legal needs of the particular regulatory body as well as protecting all rights of founders and investors. Platinum can help with its team of experienced advisors in all legal communications.

Identify and solve problems-the main thing offered by the company is assisting you in offering the best solution to the problem you want to solve.

The best STO marketing agency will offer you a set of solutions that could all be the one you are looking for. See if they have solved similar problems in the recent past. This could mean they are right for you.

Niche portfolio– a company will need to be able to handle any sort of portfolio you offer it in any market place across the globe. If a company only has a few dozen employees though, and it offers you lots of different STOs, they could be outsourcing work. You need to find the right person for the job and a larger company with over 100 employees could be the best there is as they can cover all bases.

Best STO consulting service A good way to see if a consulting service is the best is to check their history of problem solving, such as the team at Platinum, and how well each solution worked. A good consultant will work quickly and offer the best opportunity for success.

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How to Choose STO Marketing Agency: Best STO Consulting Company in 2019
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How to Choose STO Marketing Agency: Best STO Consulting Company in 2019

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