NOAH Blockchain is improving consensus mechanism – from DPoS to DPoS/PoI

To increase the engagement of NOAH Community and make it even bigger and stronger we have realized that there needs to be a mechanism of incentives for people to do truly valuable things for the whole ecosystem.

One of such things is meetups – the more people come to the meetups the more active the community becomes offline, which allows Platinum Q DAO Engineering to more effectively communicate with NOAH holders and get even more valuable information on how to make NOAH great again. It also helps deliver valuable information about the progress of NOAH and Platinum Q DAO Engineering in person and build trust.

It is imperative for such communication to happen frequently with as many people as possible. We at Platinum Q DAO Engineering are striving to create new great products in NOAH ecosystem and only with your help we can make them efficiently and quickly. So we decided to create a new mechanism of rewards for those that directly help us by coming to meetups – Proof of Importance.

To put it simple – we recognize that people who visit meetups are putting a lot of effort into that, sometimes coming from another town, so we will reward them with opportunities for additional profits. People who come to meetups will receive a promo-code or some sort of activation code for their NOAH accounts. When they activate this code, they will receive a significant boost to their profits for a period of time.

This is still a work in progress, but we expect it might double the profits of people who come to the meetups.

We are starting to use Proof of Importance to reward people for coming to meetups starting with the meetups that will be held this February. So please come if you want to double your profits!

We are also launching a voting proposal to learn your opinion on Proof of Importance so please head to to cast your vote on this topic!

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