Noah Blockchain Case Studies: Establishing Design Studio Coin

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The opportunity to become a Creator of the cryptocurrency won’t surprise you if you’re watching our updates. The new Noah tools platform feature named Coiner was developed exactly for this purpose. You can mint coin in just a few clicks! This feature opens new horizons for businesses and enterprises.

Surprisingly for us, we received a lot of questions regarding the usage of the feature. Seems that people don’t know exactly how they can use Coiner for their good. We are here to help!

To make everything clear on simple examples, we decided to make a series of Coiner use cases. You will get a convenient script on how to use the coin creation feature for the specific business and what benefits should you expect.

Why do you need new coins?

One of the questions people ask is “Why do we need to create new coins?”. It’s easy to answer. Blockchain technology gives real advantages and Coiner is the opportunity to use them. The simplest example of a blockchain advantage is that there are no borders at all for blockchain. You can have a client from any country and still get fast and secure payment with a very low fee. 

Today’s case is a design studio that developing apps and interfaces, drawing logos, creating project branding, website design, etc. To give their clients more benefits this studio creates DSGN coin with the help of the Noah tools platform.

The main purpose of the DSGN coin would let the customers pay for the services of the studio that we have described above. Here are three advantages of coin usage:

  • When paying with DSGN coin, the price will be lower than when paying in fiat. No banks and other fees.
  • DesignCoin can be delegated for passive income.
  • Customers will receive a guaranteed 10% discount on any work done by the studio.

Design coin minting

As you already know from the previous guide about Coiner, the process of minting is very simple and will take a few minutes. For this particular case the settings will be the following:

  1. The full coin name: DesignCoin.
  2. Coin symbol: DSGNCOIN. The fee for ticker will be 25000 NOAH, which is acceptable for a small studio.
  3. Initial amount: 50000. Since the design studio isn’t big with a dozen people in staff, it makes sense to release a limited number of coins using a small budget.
  4. Initial reserve: 500000 (250000 NOAH minimum). If the crypto will become popular among the clients, the reserve will be growing by itself with every next purchase.
  5. Constant reserve ratio: 75%. It’s a good level of CRR because DSGNCOIN won’t be too volatile but will be attractive for clients not just as a measure for payments. Such a level of CRR grants gradual growth in the future.
  6. Message (optional): Coin for payments and delegation.
  7. Coin to pay a fee (NOAH recommended).

We have filled the parameters and get the initial price of 13,33 NOAH for 1 DSGNCOIN coin. The last thing is to click the Create button and Confirm coin minting. That’s it! 

Dive into blockchain advantages

The benefits of blockchain for a design studio are obvious! Let’s list the main ones:

  • By delegating 100% of your income, you can get an impressive profit. We suggest to choose 50%, it will work as a good push for a coin price. You can also use an auto-delegation feature for convenience. The stake will be growing with every order!
  • Customers will become a part of the ecosystem. It will be easier for them to have access to other partner projects of the studio.
  • The studio will not have to pay taxes (depends on the legislation of specific country) or they will have to pay less, so the discount on services will be fully covered.
  • The studio will become famous! As the customers became holders of the DSGNCOIN coin, they will be interested in sharing information about it. The more people know and use, the higher the price will be.
  • Banks are obsolete! Part of payments in DSGNCOIN can be used as a savings account and delegated.

Blockchain is especially good for small studios that are only gaining momentum. 

Benefits for clients

Studio’s clients can purchase created coins by exchanging for NOAH or any other cryptocurrency in the Noah blockchain. We recommend to set up a 10% discount rate on the services to motivate clients. If they use your coin to pay for services, they will get a 10% discount and exclude third parties fees — double advantage. 

Take it and use guide

The Noah tools platform brings great opportunities along with convenience. It has never been so easy to mint a coin. Now you can do it in a few clicks.

The biggest benefit of today’s guide is that design studios owners and other similar small companies now have the finished script of how to use the blockchain technology in their businesses. There is no need to waste the time for development, just take the guide, implement it and give the customers real benefits. This guide is the first one of the use cases, don’t miss the new ones as they will be given regularly!

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