Difference between ICO and STO

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ICO and STO are 2 different ways to fund a new project. One offers you more security than the other and is a much safer option for the investor. Both options offer you the purchase of bitcoins. Platinum offer you a platform for project creation and business investment. The difference between ICO and STO is important to know.

What is ICO

ICO is the Initial Coin Offering that is used to raise the capital for a new project. This offers you little in the way of security and was not a preferred option for most investors. Recently, a more secure way to invest in ICO has been produced. Investors can now verify that the ICO campaign is real and not a fraud by going to the ICO website.

What is STO

STO is the Security Token Offering that will pay a dividend on your investment, give you a share of any profits and will also pay interest on the tokens. You are able to use STO to reinvest into more security tokens. Platinum. Fund provides you with a dashboard to manage all of your investments. STOs are in effect a cryptocurrency token, much like a bitcoin that allows project funding that does not use banks or other financial institutions. To qualify as a security token, the cryptocurrency tokens must pass the controls of the Howey test.

What are cryptocurrency tokens?

These tokens represent the asset that is tradeable and offers you a return on your investment. These tokens can be created and then distributed through an ICO produced with the help of Platinum.

Getting started

Platinum offers you a safe and secure launch platform for both ICO and STO options. It is also one of the biggest listing services around the globe that offers you quality and efficiency within the cryptocurrency crowdfunding arena. To start your project use the Startup Pitch Deck template shown in Figure 1 as talked about in the Platinum blog.

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