Noah Wallet Updates: the Noah City and QDAO DeFi Passive Income Checking

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Big changes are here! Noah citizens were looking forward to the start of the profit share and it began! We have added new functionality to the Noah wallet and want to share all the updates with you. But profit is not the only thing added, now any Noah holder will be able to control his passive income from QDAO DeFi right in his wallet! Let’s get acquainted with all the updates in more detail.

Noah City profit sharing 

We promised Noah city revenue sharing, we give it to you. If you already have citizenship, you can check your passive income directly in the Noah wallet. To do this, click on the My Income tab at the top of the page. Here, you will see:

  • NOAH balance.
  • Citizenship status.
  • Deposit and withdrawal buttons.
  • A scale with the necessary number of NOAH tokens to go to the next level of citizenship (not applicable to Senators).

Scroll the page a bit down to check Noah Citizenship income. On this part you will see:

  • Citizenship status (one more time).
  • Contributed to passport purchasing amount of tokens.
  • Profit multiplier.
  • Daily income.
  • Total citizenship income with the investment return percentage.
  • Noah citizenship income forecast for 1, 3, and 5 years.

Pre last point of this page is QDAO Custodian (Cold Storage). Here you can check all the coins you deposited at service and daily income. Just as with the Noah Citizenship, you can see total income and rewards forecast for 1, 3, 5 years.

The last stop on the income page is Active Income. Watch how much you have earned by making tasks. To get more tasks you can click the button.

Passive income from QDAO DeFi

Another update is the DeFi page. Its functionality is repeating the QDAO Custodian (Cold Storage) of the previous page, but with a more detailed description of each coin. You will see total QDAO Custodian rewards and incomes at the top of the page and coins below them. 

On each coin, you will see the deposit amount, annual income percentage and earned funds. Also, you will be able to see the transactions list of every cryptocurrency and withdraw it.

To start earning passive income, you must activate it in your BTCNEXT exchange account by clicking the button at the top of the screen. Learn more about QDAO DeFi conditions by reading this instruction.

Brace yourself for passive income!

The new functionality is as simple and intuitive as possible. We hope that after reading this guide it will become even clearer. All you need to do is obtain Noah citizenship or QDAO DeFi and start receiving passive income. Check your profits in a convenient interface and withdraw funds without any problems, we have already taken care of everything!

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