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The Demographics of Cryptocurrency Investors

2.1 Introduction

As we have learned in previous lessons,

millennials are significantly more interested in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in comparison to traditional stocks.

Unfortunately, finding reliable and accurate data on the demographics of cryptocurrency users can be quite challenging.

2.1 Introduction

Why is this so? Unlike the traditional banking system, cryptocurrency allows for a large degree of anonymity. This makes it very hard to track demographics of the people investing in cryptocurrency. So, we shall look at a few surveys that have been conducted and see what we can learn.

2.2 The Demographics of Cryptocurrency Investors Informal Survey

In 2017, an informal but detailed survey was conducted by a reddit user “Trick-troll” who created 40 questions and posted them on numerous cryptocurrency subreddits asking for demographic information, among other things. He was able to gather a response from over 300 people. This is what the results reveal:

2.2 The Demographics of Cryptocurrency Investors Informal Survey

Gender: Over 95% of the respondents were male. This means 19 out of 20 cryptocurrency investors are male. This information is not far from a similar result obtained from a bigger study (over 4,000 respondents) conducted by CoinDesk that showed over 90% of bitcoin investors are male.

Age: According to the Trick-Troll survey, the majority of cryptocurrency users are between the age of 26-30 years old. This is also not far from the results obtained in the CoinDesk research which showed the majority of cryptocurrency users were between the ages of 26-34.

Race: According to the CoinDesk research, over 65% of bitcoin investors are white, followed by Asians. This isn’t surprising, given the nature of the world and the degree of penetration of digital assets in different countries and cultures.

Education: This may be surprising, but 75% of cryptocurrency investors have a university degree or higher. This could very well be a demographic representative of reddit subscribers who participated in the survey.

2.2 The Demographics of Cryptocurrency Investors Informal Survey

While the survey isn’t of course statistically unimpeachable, it does provide a window into the typical cryptocurrency investor. It corroborates strongly with other surveys completed by larger independent companies while also providing an interesting picture of who the common cryptocurrency investors are.

2.3 Between Countries

A particular country’s participation in cryptocurrencies largely has to do with the legal regulations about blockchain projects and crypto currency investment in that jurisdiction.

When China banned the use of cryptocurrency, most Chinese nationals had to withdraw their investments. Many other countries have also placed bans on the use or trade of cryptocurrencies. Countries like Japan that have allowed the use of cryptocurrencies have witnessed a significant rise in cryptocurrency investments as a result. Japan and South Korea are home to several high-traffic cryptocurrency exchanges, meaning that a notable proportion of their population is investing in cryptocurrencies.

Another way to look at cryptocurrency investment demographics is to look at the bitcoin ATMs present in each country. The United States of America is the leading country, followed by Canada and then the United Kingdom.

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2.3 Between Countries

According to a report by Google trends, the five top countries interested in bitcoin are: South Africa, Slovenia, Nigeria, Colombia and Bolivia.

Remember, cryptocurrency demographics can be a little tricky due to the anonymity involved. Many people may be afraid to participate in surveys, especially when their governments have placed legal restrictions on cryptocurrency investing.

The main point the research seems to validate is that the demographics of the cryptocurrency investor base is diverse.

While the average investor may be a white or Asian male between the ages of 26-30 with at least a university degree, the entire investor base is so much larger than that. Many big investors are likely to be significantly older, and have connections and businesses in the traditional economy as well.

2.4 Notable Investors in Cryptocurrency

While many people have made fortunes from cryptocurrency investing, a handful of them stand out as being particularly remarkable. We will take a more detailed look at some of the biggest investment success stories to see how they did it and learn about their investing strategy.1

The Winklevoss Twins

After being awarded their settlement from the lawsuit against Facebook, the Winklevoss twins decided to invest a significant portion of their money in Bitcoin. They invested $11million of the $65million they received. At that time, the price of a single bitcoin was about $120.

2.4 Notable Investors in Cryptocurrency

This high-risk investment paid off handsomely and they became the first publicly known Bitcoin billionaires, perhaps owning more than 1% of the total bitcoin in circulation. In an interview with Financial Times in 2016, the twins jointly said that they consider

“Bitcoin as potentially the greatest social network because it is designed to transfer value over the internet”.

They also pointed out that compared to gold, Bitcoin has equal or greater foundational traits of scarcity and portability.

2.4 Notable Investors in Cryptocurrency
2.4 Notable Investors in Cryptocurrency

According to Tyler Winklevoss, cryptocurrency is superior to all forms of conventional payment systems because it is instant, borderless, decentralized, and (theoretically) without transaction costs. What we can learn from the Winklevoss twins is to focus on their long-term belief and fundamental understanding of cryptocurrencies. After completing their research, they allocated a significant but not overwhelming proportion of their personal wealth to a new technology in which they totally believed. They timed the market well and purchased a large number of BTC at what is now an unthinkably low price. And they have held on all this time, despite the mind-bending and gut-wrenching ups and downs they have had to endure. We can assume they have a long term price in mind, where they believe “fair value” is, and we have yet to reach that point, even in the peak of 2017 bull run.

2.4 Notable Investors in Cryptocurrency


Michael Novogratz

A self-made billionaire ex-Goldman Sachs investment banker, Novogratz has invested more than 30% of his fortune in cryptocurrency. In 2015, he announced a $500million cryptocurrency hedge fund, including $150million of his own money. Novogratz believes that “the blockchain, the computer code that underpins all cryptocurrencies, will reshape finance, just as the internet reshaped communication”.

2.4 Notable Investors in Cryptocurrency

The investment thesis of Mr. Novogratz is similar to that of the Winklevoss twins. He has taken and maintains a long-term position while he trades in and out of short term moves, based on his fundamental belief in the potential and likely application of the underlying blockchain technology. By starting an investment fund in addition to his other cryptocurrency related ventures, he is demonstrating a strong fundamental grasp of the technology, including its applicability and impact across so many industries.

2.4 Notable Investors in Cryptocurrency


Barry Silbert

In December 2014 after the US Marshal’s office seized 50,000 bitcoins from the Silk Road, Barry Silbert purchased just 2,000 of those bitcoins at $350 per coin. A few years later of course, those coins were worth millions of dollars.

2.4 Notable Investors in Cryptocurrency

Barry is the founder and CEO of the Digital Currency Group (DCG) a cryptocurrency investment firm. Barry also made significant profits from Ethereum classic, purchasing the coin in its very first days. He has invested in over 75 bitcoin related companies, including CoinDesk. As founder of the Digital Currency Group, Barry endeavors to support bitcoin and blockchain companies and accelerate the development of the global financial system.

Mr. Silbert has taken a market position most similar to Mr. Novogratz. He is a fundamental long-term believer in the application of the blockchain technology and the ecosystem required to support its application and use. He has a positive long-term outlook on the value of Bitcoin as well as the entire blockchain cryptocurrency ecosystem.

2.4 Notable Investors in Cryptocurrency


Juthica Chou

She is the president and co-founder of Ledger X, a bitcoin futures trading platform, Juthica Chou started out as a trader at Goldman Sachs. Then she founded Ledger X with her husband who was also her colleague at Goldman. Using her experience from Wall Street, she is making great strides taking Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trading mainstream.

What are some distinct characteristics and specific analytical tendencies a cryptocurrency investor should have in order to thrive in this space? Get all info after buying the full course.

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