Best security tokens how to determine TOPS

Hi! My name is Katerina Ezerskaya, I am Junior FrontEnd developer at Platinum. Our team successfully consulted more than 700 companies. We offer up-to-date services for successful ICO and STO advertising. We now how to launch STO, how to do it properly, develop and finish successfully.

A security token is a way to invest in a company, much like a traditional shareholder. You will receive interest, dividends and be able to reinvest in more security tokens should the opportunity arise. There is also an expectation of an increase in value over time. Platinum Fund offers a comprehensive worldwide list of companies offering security tokens. All security token offerings have to pass the Howey Test (Platinum).

Features of the best security tokens

The best security tokens will show the following features and you need to look for reputation, responsibility and experience in the marketing and offering of the security tokens.

  • One of the most important features of the bets security tokens will be a sound base. The team will be experienced and with strong history of achievement. They will also offer advisors (Platinum) to help you choose a security token offering that is suitable to your circumstances.
  • Choose a company with extensive public communication in the market place. If you have heard of them while looking for an opportunity it is a good sign
  • The market for securities is huge so a reputable company will possibly have a large number of tokens on offer
  • They may also offer utility tokens for further participation in the blockchain later on
  • Look for an open source blockchain technology. This will be a proven blockchain.
  • You as the investor has direct ownership of the tokens
  • Look for a company that invests their cryptocurrency into a real asset and uses traditional capital to get into the cryptocurrency market
  • A platform that allows secure end to end sales and management of tokens such as Platinum
  • The platform needs to support a high volume of contributors all accessing the site at any one time
  • A high standard of security all cross the web site for any transactions

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