Clear answers from Platinum Q DAO Engineering for blogger’s analysis about QDAO DeFi, Stablecoins Ecosystems and future plans

Anton Dziatkovskiy’s team has developed blockchain solutions for over 4 years. The uncompromising expertise of Anton Dziatkovskii as a founder of Platinum Q DAO Engineering helps with the full-cycle software development of any complexity. Read this article to pump your crypto brain.

Hello, it’s Platinum Q DAO Engineering. As you know – we are an IT company that develops software and solutions based on blockchain technology. Recently, a popular Japanese blogger アンゴロウ暗号資産研究ちゃんねる released a video in which he analyzed the projects developed by our company. These projects are QDAO DeFi, Q DAO stablecoins ecosystem, and the Noah City. Here’s the video itself.

We’re grateful for the analysis of our projects but we feel the need to clarify some points. Our company is trying to do our best at explaining and is always open to answer any questions. Now, we want to give a detailed answer to this video.

World Economic Forum in Davos

Let’s begin with a trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos. We pursued several global goals. The first is a planned meeting with our partners. These are mainly processing and legal companies thanks to which we will be able to reduce costs when releasing any financial products.

We’re a software development company and a trip to Davos made it possible to attract new partners to our technology projects. We also get an opportunity to participate in international projects in the future.

Unfortunately, at this stage of cooperation, we are limited in the distribution of details. We also cannot name companies in accordance with the signed NDA. Information may be announced in the future by agreement of all parties.

NOAH token price growth

We suggested that a trip to Davos influenced the increase in NOAH tokens price and this is partly true. During the Forum, we managed to communicate with hundreds of large businessmen, some of whom joined the Noah community.

The main reason for the increase in the NOAH tokens price is the development of the ecosystem. Over the past 3 months, we have implemented many products that allow interacting with the Noah Project in different ways. This triggered community growth and demand for NOAH coins. And we haven’t done any market-making.

Now the bulk of the coins are staked (not locked) in the Decentralized Regulation Fund (DRF). All the holders were notified about this before the launch of the new system and blockchain. Unstake happens on a schedule and, according to the democratic regulatory process in the DPoS algorithm, it depends on the voting of users. NOAH holders have the right to independently decide which part of the coins to release. We have already written about how to make unstake faster, here is the link if you are interested:

Let’s clarify another point, Platinum Q DAO Engineering is not going to sell NOAH coins. They are used for technical purposes and to ensure network functionality.

However, the demand for NOAH coins is growing due to new opportunities. For example, to purchase the Noah City passport, you need to pay half the amount in NOAH tokens. Also, you need NOAH tokens to create a new cryptocurrency using the Coiner tool. Therefore, users have to buy coins in the market. Another crucial point is that the NOAH coins have nothing to do with Q DAO services.

Q DAO ecosystem

Q DAO ecosystem includes a family of stablecoins. At the moment, this is USDQ and KRWQ. The ecosystem uses a collateral system similar to the MakerDAO, with the difference that Bitcoin (BTC) is used for collateralized debt position.

Q DAO DeFi is a separate service that is not related to collateral mechanisms of the stablecoins ecosystem. The only connection between them is technical. That is, the financial system of collateralized stablecoins is not connected with decentralized financial services.

At the time of the launch of the stablecoins ecosystem, we had initial collateral funds received from our partners. They remain in the system now, which you can easily check out. Also, the capitalization of stablecoins is in no way connected with other Q DAO services.

The ecosystem of Q DAO stablecoins is in beta, so to speak. Many features are still planned to be launched. For example, cryptocurrency governance via QDAO tokens usage or the self-learning artificial intelligence Q BOX.

QDAO DeFi interest rates

As for BitBank and 3% per annum, it’s a non-competitive rate. Any conscious user can turn to fiat deposits with banks for greater income. Therefore, we focus on market values in our interest rates.

Q DAO Defi is a brand new product, so we involved our own funds to pay dividends to depositors, like any bank. We have officially notified the entire community that such high interest rates are available only to first users. Holders are warned about future changes in values. At the moment, people taking part in the beta testing of the system and receive increased rates for possible shortcomings.

Q DAO DeFi is working in test mode on the BTCNEXT exchange. The money of holders is used to meet the needs of the BTCNEXT Broker service participants. Now the number of Q DAO DeFi participants is not so large and we can withstand the existing load.

Q DAO DeFi services are constantly evolving. At the moment, the conditions are as simple as possible, the funds are not frozen and are constantly available. Various options for collateral and loan products will be added as the services develop. It will be more profitable than in traditional banks. This result can be achieved due to cooperation with partners who help us reduce costs and the use of cryptocurrency, which reduces the tax burden.

The market is already familiar with the companies that are following our path and have also confirmed that such interest rates are feasible.

It’s worth noting that all collateral funds in NOAHP are paid from a special fund. This process will be closely linked to the Noah blockchain ecosystem in the future. A part of all fees within the blockchain will be spent to pay interest rates of DeFi services.

About the company

Platinum Q DAO Engineering is a well-known software development company in the market and has been working for over 4 years. The Noah Project has also shown its reliability for a few years of its existence. We don’t use the Ponzi schemes because we’re not using the client’s funds to pay to other clients. Otherwise, we would have gone broke for a long time because Ponzi schemes have not lived for so long.

The importance of analysis

We are grateful that you drew attention to the products that Platinum Q DAO Engineering is developing and made such a detailed analysis. We believe that each project requires a global analysis to understand its structure. As an absolutely open company, we are ready to help in any matter and explain everything that is necessary. Hopefully, we have already managed to answer some questions.

We will be happy to duplicate our answers again in video format to provide as much information for those who are interested as possible. You can ask us any questions in our groups, during live streams or at meetups in Japan, which will begin on February 10th. Feel free to contact us:

Japanese telegram chats:,, 

Youtube channel:

Meetups registration form:

The nature of financial investments

Platinum Q DAO Engineering would like to recall that any financial investments contain risks. Even if you just invest in a bank and don’t use insurance, the chances of losing assets remain (e.g. the bank may go bankrupt).

We operate only in the legal field and also have all the necessary permissions to carry out legitimate financial activities. The well-being of our users, as well as the acceptance of the community, is very important to us.

Our company hopes that these explanations on the interest rates formation are enough to understand the process. These percentages are embedded in the economic model based on current market realities. We hope to maintain such a high level, however, this figure can be adjusted with the development of the product. At the same time, the more users there are, the smaller the rates will be, unlike Ponzi schemes that work vice versa.

Once again, we would like to thank you for the work done, as well as invite you personally to one of our meetups in Japan. Or at least join our live streams, on which we will also answer all questions in detail. You can contact us in any of our groups 

Japanese telegram chats:,, 

Youtube channel: 

Just for note, we have a Guild program. Platinum Q DAO Engineering is very positive about any video about projects, especially with a high-quality analytical component. Perhaps you would be interested to participate in our Guilds and make an even deeper analysis of our company because we are fully open to cooperation. If you need help in preparing content or need any other information, we will provide it. Thank you!

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