STO-the main fundraising term for 2019

Hello! My name is Slava Mikhalkin, I am a Project Owner of Crowdsale platform at Platinum, the company that knows how to start any ICO or STO in 2019. If you want to avoid headaches with launching process, we can help you with ICO and STO advertising and promotion.

There are several ways to raise funds for a new project, be it a company or a new cryptocurrency. You can go to a bank or financial institution and arrange to borrow money that will need to be paid back. Or you can opt for a crowd funding type of arrangement with little or no fees and no repaying of the initial funding. Once you have the money to develop your cryptocurrency and create the blockchain needed, you can sell shares in the company. These so called shares are called Security Tokens and give investors the ability to invest in your company.

STO crypto

As ICOs go out of favour, the new way to invest in cryptocurrency is via the STO, a more regulated and profitable way of funding. The rules and regulations stop the fraudulent aspect associated with the early ICOs.

What is an STO

An STO is a Security Token Offering. It is a way of investing in a company that has no middleman and offers you the benefits of owning shares in a company. They are tradeable, sellable and are regulated under a set of rules and regulations. A security token has to be backed by an asset, in this case a cryptocurrency. Platinum are able to get you started in investing in STOs.

Difference between STO and ICO

Investing in an STO offers you added security over investing in an ICO. You also get many more benefits with an STO as outlined at Platinum. You will get paid interest and dividends on your investment and have the chance to reinvest in more security tokens.

STO markets

An extensive listing of all ICOs and STOs can be found at platinum fund, the most comprehensive list available in 2019. Security token markets work just like the share market and are a more regulated offering than ICOs.

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Slava Mikhalkin, a Project Owner of Crowdsale platform at Platinum, on STO as the main fundraising term for 2019

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