Should your token be a security

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The question here is what are security tokens and how do they differ from utility tokens. Both are offered by a company as a form of investment. But the returns from them are quite different. One offers you interest and pays a dividend while the other will offer you a service in exchange for the token.

What is a security token?

A security token can be thought of as the same as a traditional share in the company. The asset you receive, the token, is expected to increase in value, pay interest, offer a dividend and in some cases give you a vote on company matters. Platinum Fund can show you how to create tokens and offer them for an investment opportunity. Security tokens are heavily regulated and need to pass the Howey Test (Platinum) before they can be offered for sale.

What is a crypto token?

A crypto token is a token offered on cryptocurrency. These security tokens are offered as a way to raise funds for the new blockchain and subsequent currency.

What are utility tokens?

A utility token on the other hand is like a digital coupon. It will allow the owner to participate in running of the blockchain or allow them a right to a future service offered by the company. You will not receive any profit or interest with your utility token but it does provide participation either now or in the future.

Why you should choose a security token

In choosing to purchase or offer security tokens you are giving people an incentive to invest in your company. In return you are giving them interest on their investment, a dividend on their share of the company and the expectation the token will increase in value over time. For the investor, platinum Fund has one of the most comprehensive lists worldwide of companies offering STOs for purchase.

If you are looking to offer security tokens as part of your company strategy you can find all information and a platform at Platinum.

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