How to Choose STO Marketing Agency: Best STO Consulting Company

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Finding the right STO consultant can be daunting, but the result is worth it

The blockchain industry has welcomed a new kid in the neighborhood – the Security Token Offering!

In today’s age of technological advancement, Security Token Offering (STO) has attracted the attention of many crypto enthusiasts, making it the next trendsetter in the cryptocurrency industry. Crypto market experts have predicted 2019 to be the year for STO and a gearshift from the popular ICOs to STOs. One primary reason for this buzz is because STO offers better investment opportunities with lesser risks, among many other benefits.

As expected and as it plays out with the traditional ICOs, many companies are springing up to seek for external marketing and advertising that will transform their project into a success.

Like many other complex projects, finding the right STO consulting firm to drive Security Token Offering campaign can be daunting. STO requires the knowledge of expert hands to handle marketing and PR strategy, management, technology, legal, technology, cybersecurity, finance and many more.

Unlocking the potential of blockchain through blockchain consulting

The blockchain offers many benefits and the potential of changing the way companies run their businesses. A few significant benefits of blockchain include transparency, decentralization, data security, and immutability. With slightly a decade after the invention of the blockchain, it seems there is more left to be untapped than we already have. Experts believe that the blockchain can revolutionize the world economy. That’s how huge the potential it has!

The tech advancement seen in the blockchain industry gave rise to cryptocurrency consulting firms that assist ICOs and STOs drive their projects through marketing and consulting, advertising, fundraising, and technology development. The result?  Many projects have experienced tremendous growth and have established a rock-hard footing in the crypto market.

Blockchain-crypto consulting companies did not only drive ICOs into the mainstream but also gave a level playing ground to experts in the fields of law, marketing, data science, programming and development, to apply their skills to a significant effect. These experts are crypto enthusiasts themselves and are willing to accept payment in cryptocurrency, making it easier for ICOs and blockchain companies to afford more services. Needful to say that one of the major things that knocked ICOs over in 2017 was the intrusion of scammers that kicked off businesses when ICOs are blooming to have a piece of the blockchain steak forcing many projects to go down. But with the recent development in the crypto industry, such a trend has begun to dwindle. STO marketing service and consulting are more complicated than it was in the booming ICO era. This complexity would rebuff scammers from thriving as it were.

How to choose the best STO consulting service

In good conscience, mentioning an exact consulting company as the best would be judging too soon knowing that STO is just in its sprouting phase. But there are a few essential requirements for establishing an STO project. Judging by this, it’ easier to isolate key areas that will be crucial to identify a good STO consulting agency. Here, we highlight some of these areas to consider;

A Solid Investor Network

Like ICOs, the success of an STO greatly depends on the number of potential investors that can be reached. As with any new establishment, Investors play a major role in the success and growth of a company. For this, it is not always sufficient to rely on the founder’s investor’s network. This is where the expertise of consultants come into play. The best STO consulting company should be able to connect and maintain healthy and transparent relationships with potential investors. An ideal firm will diligently work on your project and ensure that every aspect ticks before presenting it to their network. When you approach a consulting firm that does not take an in-depth at your project and was willing to jump into a deal no matter what should send a warning signal.

Legal expertise

There are strict regulatory standards too crucial to be handled with levity. Before launching an STO project, you should know and adhere to all the regulations. Legal strategy consulting is one of the most critical aspects of an STO. The law requires that you must be registered with every financial institution of the country you will be selling Security Token Offering. Each state has its regulation, so the consulting firm you hire should expertly address all the legal requirement according to the law of the particular country. A good consulting firm should be able to establish every legal entity, give legal advice, escrow service recommendations, and protect the rights of investors and founders, and much more. Some consulting firms work with lawyers that are professional in this area. Still, they should also be able to aware of any potential pitfalls of legal restrictions and warn you off to avoid complications.

Ability to identify and creatively solve problems

Every STO project is trying to solve a problem. What if it can’t solve its internal problem? Indeed, internal problem can be expected at some point but solving it keeps you on track. You wouldn’t want to give investors the wrong impression. One of the benefits of consulting firms is to assist you in identifying and proffering solutions. Consultants are an external body with a different viewpoint. This allows them to assess and judge unbiasedly. They should have the ability to act swiftly in addressing a problem.

How to know if an STO marketing or consulting agency has the creative solving ability? Check the company’s track record. Has the company worked on similar projects? What recommendations do they have? Even when STO is still new, past experiences with ICOs and IPOs will be relevant for assessment purposes.

A niche-focused portfolio Many consultants you’d likely come across will claim to be able to work in almost every aspect of the STO. Unless the consulting firm has enough hands, it can be assumed that much of the work would be outsourced. For instance, if a consulting firm with less than 50 personnel claims to handle legal matters, tech development, fundraising, global marketing, could create a need for doubt.

STO is a complex project with a diverse grid of spaces, each requiring a touch of expertise. If the STO marketing agency does not have the aptitude to handle the full range of services, the ideal thing might be to talk to a few consultants to get every chunk of the project done. The ultimate goal is getting the right hands to achieve a better result.


The process of delivering Security Token Offering is a multifaceted undertaking that requires proper planning. And more daunting is recognizing and choosing the best candidate to drive the project to success. is that STO marketing company that offers a complete set of services for a successful STO. With over 100 team of professionals, we have all it takes to make your STO a success story.

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