Conduct a bounty program with Platinum’s dashboard

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Until recently, one of the major reasons of startups failure was contributed to the lack of funds. Even people with revolutionary ideas weren’t able to collect the required capital to bring life to their project.

Does it mean that one can’t become an entrepreneur unless he or she finds a treasure? Thankfully not, as nowadays netizens of the world can help with the development of the project by providing the necessary funding. With digital innovation tens if not hundreds of new ways to raise capital have been established. But there is one mechanism that stands out from the rest and it is called crypto fundraising. All that must be done is to attract potential investors, which leads us to a question – How to tell the world about the idea?

The obvious way out is to apply marketing strategy, in order to ensure as much market penetration as possible. As Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak once said “marketing is the most critical element to making a successful technology company, particularly as competition in the sector is so intense.” The problem is that traditional marketing tools and mechanism do not work as well anymore, also they normally take months if not years to bring a result.

To solve this issue, bounty programs were invented. In case of ICO/STO and IEO, it is the most cost-effective tool to let people know about your company. Bounty programs also triggers a chain reaction that spikes the word of mouth. It is not strange at all that it became an integral part of any digital marketing and promotional enterprise.

What are the bounty programs?

The basic principle behind bounties is to incentivize people to participate in the life of the project by offering rewards. But in order to get them, it will be necessary to perform certain tasks, such as assist or help in the promotion of a new product or service for the company.

It is worth mentioning that more and more technology giants, like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Github, etc., at least once in their history have opened bounty programs for the products. But those are bug bounty programs that reward hackers for finding security weaknesses in software and hardware solutions. It means that bounties do worth it.

The main difference is that in case of crypto bounties, rewards are normally paid in the form of company’s coins. In addition, crypto projects can appeal to bounty program at any stage of their fundraising or product development, but the most popular are pre-fundraising and post-fundraising campaign bounties.

Like their names imply, first are carried out before the actual ICO/STO/IEO, whilst the latter takes place when the fundraising campaign has been completed and funds have been raised. Pre-ICO?STO/IEO bounties are meant to build momentum and to give the cryptocurrency project an improved presence on social media platforms. In case of post-ICO/STO/IEO bounty programs, company seeks to make improvements to the project’s product basing on community suggestions and feedbacks.

However, to conduct a bounty program your company will have to dedicate some resources, including time and money, to write a specific smart contract and audit it for possible bugs. In case if you do not want to bother with it, you can always find an ICO/STO/IEO toolkit/dashboard.

Besides being able to create your own token and start a token sale on top of such dashboard, you can conduct bounty programs without additional efforts. A user-friendly and intuitive web interface make it easy to navigate and generate standard smart contracts almost automatically. It means that no coding, technical expertise, or at least experience with blockchain is required. But the best part is that users do not have to think about security or immutability as the dashboard has been revised by professionals.

Platinum’s dashboard for ICO/STO/IEO

Platinum’s dashboard is a perfect example of a perfect toolkit for companies that plan to start a bounty campaign. Through our platform, company can distribute both cryptocurrency and fiat money among the participants. Of course, you will be able to manage stages and stakes of the program rewards. In case you want users to complete KYC procedure, Platinum’s toolkit lets you do that.

Platinum’s platform is based on four pillars:

  1. Automation. All you have to do is to specify stages, bonuses and currencies. After that the platform does everything for you.
  2. Safety. Platform itself does not store raised funds and private keys. They are sent to issuer’s wallets immediately.
  3. Inclusivity. All data about the investors and transactions is in one place and sorted out.
  4. Consciousness. In addition to previously mentioned features, users will have access to detailed analytics, so they can draw conclusions and select right strategies.

In case you have been puzzling over and over on how to attract potential investors, or to increase your group activity and involvement, bounty program is the best option. But it is not enough with understanding its features, you should also be prepared to shell out enough money at writing specific smart contract. If you want to save time and costs, Platinum’s dashboard is here to help! is an international STO/IEO/ICO/POST ICO consulting, promotion and fundraising company with offices in Minsk, Kiev, Moscow, Seoul, Singapore, Shanghai, Bangkok, Tokyo, Yangon, Colombo. Over 112 specialists with 3 years experience in crypto and 7 years in financial markets. We have an extensive range of services and expertise in marketing and PR, management, consulting, programming, cyber-security, education, legal advisory and many more. We can help to make your project a success story!

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Conduct a bounty program with Platinum’s dashboard
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Conduct a bounty program with Platinum’s dashboard
Until recently, one of the major reasons of startups failure was contributed to the lack of funds. Even people with revolutionary ideas weren’t able to collect the required capital to bring life to their project.
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